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Brown Norman Normandy Shutters made from solid timber in a contemporary bedroom. For sale at Complete Blinds Sydney.

Windows in the Bedroom: Plantation Shutters are Perfect!

Stylish; elegant; chic; beautiful. And above all else, intensely practical. Whether yours is a modern home, a traditional home or somewhere in between, plantation shutters in the bedroom is the perfect solution!

A bedroom is a private sanctuary. And its windows must be furnished accordingly. They need to allow maximum natural light into the room, maintain a level of privacy and add a beautiful feature to the space too. In addition to this, the window treatments must be practical and blend with the colour scheme. Yes, it’s a lot to ask but internal plantation shutters in bedroom windows tick all the boxes!

All Shapes and Sizes

Bedrooms often have odd-shaped windows, either by design or by necessity. Whatever the case, they’re not always easy to treat. Here’s the good news, curved windows; small windows; tall skinny windows; french doors… it doesn’t matter what shape or size windows you have in your bedroom – plantation shutters suit them all! And because they’re made specially to suit your needs, there’s no cutting and shutting and hoping it looks ok! It’s a custom fit that’s been designed to work perfectly for your room.
Read more about our custom made plantation shutters for bedrooms here

Maximum Privacy

Obviously, a bedroom requires maximum privacy. Using plantation shutters, this can be achieved with ease, and without having to sacrifice all of that natural light you love too. The blades of the shutters can be tilted to provide all of the privacy and peace of mind you require: from a partial visual barrier to total seclusion. And all with a simple movement of a central or offset tilt rod.

Maximum Light Control

Tired of having a dark, dingy bedroom? Plantation shutters are the perfect solution! So why not bring a little of the outdoors inside by opening the shutters wide? By opening and stacking your plantation shutters during the day, you can experience the garden views from your bedroom! This flexibility also allows you to throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh air and breeze flowing into your room.
There are times though, when darkness is required during the day. For shift workers in particular, it’s important to be able to block the light out of the bedroom. Plantation shutters are not complete block out shutters but they will maintain darkness in the room.

Whether you want more – or less – light in your bedroom, plantation shutters are a great option!

Bedroom Plantation Shutters as a Noise Buffer

Another reason to consider plantation shutters in bedrooms is the fact that they also provide a buffer for noise by providing a barrier to the outside world.

See our full range of plantation shutters here

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are easy to clean! Simply wipe with a cloth and you’re done. People with dust allergies especially appreciate the fact that plantation shutters keep dust out of the bedroom. Plantation shutters are allergen friendly.

Colour Choice

It’s important that your window treatments complement the colour scheme of your bedroom. Plantation Shutters are so popular in many Australian homes because they work with any style. They can be painted to match any palette you wish and of course, the natural wood finishes also look stunning. If it’s colour you’re after, simply bring in a paint swatch of your choice and we’ll match it!

Bedroom Plantation Shutters - Low maintenance and Color Choices
Bedroom plantation shutters practicality


We lead busy lives, and there’s no getting around it: we need window furnishings that are functional and user-friendly. And that’s exactly what internal shutters are: as well as being stylish and elegant, they’re intensely practical. Because they fit inside the window recess, they are a great space saver and as an added bonus, they often make the room feel bigger than it really is!

At Complete Blinds, we love Plantation Shutters. Call us today on (02) 8824 7975 and talk to one of our team:
we can help you treat your bedroom windows to something really special!

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