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It’s getting close to the end of 2020 and we’ve been through some ups and downs this year! When it comes to home decorating the passion for home design and improvement has remained as strong as ever. So many of us have used the extra time of being at home to really look at our surroundings and update and refresh in so many ways.

But we are here to talk about plantation shutters! Are plantation shutters still in style in 2020? The very quick answer to this question is YES! Plantation shutters will always be in style as far as we’re concerned and we’re about to give you five reasons why.

Classic Styling

Shutters have been around for over 500 years in one form or another and although you may sometimes see them on the outside of the house, they originally were created for indoor use. At the time of their creation, the walls of houses or buildings were usually too thick for the shutters to be accessed easily on the outside. They were originally just solid pieces of wood – meant for security and not much else.

As time has passed and building practices have developed, shutters have also changed. Firstly, with louvers created to be able to deflect rain but allow ventilation and light. And then, as glass became more readily available and inexpensive, as dressings on windows for style and function.

Be aware though! You may have a home that won’t suit the style of a plantation shutter. Always choose your window coverings with thought to the style of the home, the way your home functions, and the specific functions you want your window coverings to perform.

Classic Outdoor Shutters

Customizable Look

Rainbow Shutters

Not only can you work with a company to measure and install your plantation shutters so that they are a perfect fit (Contact us). You can get as creative as you like with your designs. Plantation shutters can be manufactured in practically any colour to suit the interior of your home to perfection.

Functional Benefits

You may already be aware of the long-term cost benefits to plantation shutters, but if not, you should know… Shutters are a worthwhile investment for any home. While they look incredibly attractive, they also work as a second level of insulation on your windows. This means less heating required in winter, less cooling in summer, and more money staying in your bank account.

You will find over time that your flooring, décor, and upholstery benefits from their protection limiting harmful UVA and UVB rays into your home.

Long-Term Investment

Plantation shutters may cost a little more in the original outlay as far as window dressings go but you will find they are an investment for the long-term. When cared for properly they can last the entire life span of your home and keep their value as well.

Plantation Shutters are a long-term investment

Increase Property Value

As plantation shutters stay with the house if it is sold, they are a valuable contributor to any valuation put on your home. They are also the ONLY window covering you can add to the cost of a home as they stay behind if you leave.

So, we think we’ve answered the question, “Are plantation shutters still in style in 2020?” The very simple question we would also ask you is – “Do you like them?” That is the most important thing to ask yourself when choosing a part of your home that will always be there when you wake up.

If you know they’re just the thing for you, at Complete Blinds we can help you discover all the ways we can have plantation shutters made just for you. Call Us Anytime.

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