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Plantation shutters can be a beautiful addition to your home and add just the look you are wanting. As with any item you bring home though, there is the reality that sets in that eventually you will have to clean it and clean it well.

Our 5-step guide offers the best way to clean plantation shutters. Following these steps will prolong your shutter’s lifespan but also keep them looking as new as the day they were installed.

Step 1

Remove all the debris and dust off your plantation shutters. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with the soft brush vacuum attachment. It will suck up all the dust and debris making the next step easier.

Step 2

After you have removed as much of the debris with the vacuum as possible, wipe down with a dry cloth. This should help remove the majority of any remaining dirt and debris. Make sure to spend particular attention to the spaces between the shutters and areas that may accumulate dust readily. By this stage, the majority of the cleaning should be completed.

Step 3

The next step is to wipe your plantation shutters down with water. You will want to try and avoid harsh chemicals unless you need to remove grease or other ‘stuck on’ issues. You also want to avoid using too much water, especially with wooden shutters, as it can cause them to warp and bend.

Step 4

Once your plantation shutters are fully washed, they need to be dried properly. Don’t leave water on them at all or you will see spotting and water damage. This is vital as it will also help prevent dust getting stuck on any areas that you have cleaned. If it’s a sunny day, leave the shutters open. Open your windows to let fresh air help ‘blow dry’ the shutters. If the weather isn’t great, aim a fan at the shutters to help blow dry.

Step 5

Enjoy your newly cleaned plantation shutters and know that they will last that much longer with your special care and attention!

Are Plantation Shutters Easy to Clean?

Cleaning and maintaining your plantation shutters doesn’t have to be difficult and is simply a matter of ensuring you remove all debris, wash them down and dry thoroughly. If you follow the steps above on a regular basis and clean your plantations shutters at least once a month, then the answer is yes! The more often you clean your shutters, the less chance dirt and grime will build up. This will make cleaning your plantation shutters a breeze and ensure you can enjoy your shutters for many years to come.

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