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Cleaning Plantation Shutters: 5 Step Guide

Plantation shutters can be a beautiful addition to your home and add just the look you want. As with any item you bring home though, there is the reality that sets in that eventually you will have to think about cleaning plantation shutters.

Our 5-step guide offers the best way to clean plantation shutters. Following these steps will prolong your shutter’s lifespan but also keep them looking as new as the day they were installed.

Step 1

Remove all the debris and dust off your plantation shutters. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with the soft brush vacuum attachment. It will suck up all the dust and debris making the next step easier.

Step 2

Once you’ve vacuumed away debris, wipe your plantation shutters with a dry cloth. This should help remove the majority of any remaining dirt and debris. Pay special attention to spaces between the shutters and dust-prone areas. By this stage, the majority of the cleaning should be completed.

Step 3

Proceed by gently wiping your plantation shutters with water, avoiding harsh chemicals unless tackling stubborn stains. Exercise caution with the water quantity, particularly with wooden shutters, as excessive moisture may lead to warping or bending.

Step 4

After thoroughly washing your plantation shutters, ensure proper drying to prevent spotting and water damage. This step is crucial in preventing dust from adhering to the cleaned areas. On sunny days, leave the shutters open, allowing fresh air to naturally dry them; if the weather is unfavorable, use a fan to aid in the drying process.

Step 5

Enjoy your newly cleaned plantation shutters and know that they will last that much longer with your special care and attention!

Are Plantation Shutters Easy to Clean?

Cleaning plantation shutters and keeping them in top condition is a straightforward process—remove debris, wash, and ensure thorough drying. Regular monthly cleaning using the steps provided ensures an easy upkeep routine, preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime for years of enjoyment.

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