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Window Shades

How To Choose Window Coverings For Your Home

Using window coverings, such as blinds, is a modern and practical way to infuse style, provide a view, privacy or fresh air inside your home. Additionally, they help keep unwanted things out such as insects and aid you control heat…

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Choosing Your Kitchen Blinds

Window Coverings Ideas for Each Room

When it comes to decorating your home and choosing blinds you might think that it would look better to have everything uniform and this can look great. However, you might wish to consider putting different blind styles in different rooms.…

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Wooden Shutters for Your Home

How to Decorate With Plantation Shutters

Because they're covered in fabric, your blinds or shades can be easily matched in colour and style to your interiors and furnishings. Timber plantation shutters, on the other hand, seem limited by the kind of hardwood they're made of, such…

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