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Translucent blinds in earth tone design style kitchen and dinning space. Floral pattern fabric with strain-repelling coating. For sale in our Sydney showroom.

How To Maximise On Style With Roller Blinds

Window treatments can transform a room's ambience, and when it comes to style, roller blinds stand out. Elegant yet functional, they effortlessly enhance any space with a touch of sophistication. Roller Blinds, also called Holland blinds, continue to be a…

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Nice and ambient blinds filtering sunlight into rental property office.

What Are The Best Types of Blinds For Day And Night

Most people value their privacy, especially at night, and prefer a barrier between their home and the outside world. While blockout blinds offer nighttime privacy, they may not address the need for daytime privacy. Daytime blinds are essential for those…

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Modern contemporary living room featuring vertical blinds installed by Complete Blinds.

How Long Can I Expect Vertical Blinds To Last?

When it comes to selecting new blinds for your renovation, decoration, or construction project, several factors come into play, such as the atmosphere, light control, and functionality. If affordability is a concern, Vertical Blinds offer a fantastic option worth considering…

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Cozy and cool white bedroom featuring Norman Brightwood Shutters. Sunlight streaking through the shutters. Budget Window Blinds.

How To Update Window Blinds On A Budget

Refreshing a room's window dressings is an easy and effective way to breathe new life into its ambience. By simply changing the colours and styles of the curtains or blinds, you can completely transform the look and feel of the…

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Smart privacy blinds with cord installed in a modern and simple living room.

Blinds For Privacy: Your Home Privacy Solution

Stylish blinds and shutters play a pivotal role in room aesthetics, either enhancing or detracting from its overall appeal. While selecting blinds may seem daunting, it's often simpler than anticipated. Primarily, blinds offer privacy and a sense of security, shielding…

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Light blue and sheer window curtains installed on a window, snowing outside. Insulating blinds for winter.

Insulating Blinds For Winter: Do They Work?

Prepare for winter's chill as the cold season approaches. Stay ahead of the frost creeping closer to your doorstep. Is your home prepared for winter? Can blinds improve insulation? Do your windows impact energy efficiency? You have the answer to…

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Wide contemporary living space with modern furniture designs, featuring Luxaflex Panel Glide Blinds cover several large window panes, diffusing natural light into the room.

5 Expert Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Panel Glide Blinds

Maintaining Panel Glide Blinds is straightforward and doesn't require an extensive range of specialised cleaning products. Generally, regular upkeep involves simple tasks like dusting and occasional spot cleaning, making it manageable for homeowners without significant effort or expense. Regular dusting…

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Hand with gloves dusting/cleaning Venetian Blinds.

How to Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds

Maintaining window coverings may not be a top priority for many. However, delaying this task often leads to blinds reaching a state of neglect that requires immediate attention. In this article we will guide you on how you should clean…

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Nice and ambient blinds filtering sunlight into rental property office.

What Are The Best Blinds For Rental Properties?

Receiving complaints from tenants about blinds can be frustrating, and we recognize the desire to avoid unnecessary spending on rental properties. While not living in the space, you aim to strike a balance between addressing concerns and managing costs for…

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