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roll up awnings

Are All Window Awnings The Same?

Awnings come in all shapes and sizes and you'll often see them covering a patio or outdoor area. But did you know that awnings are an excellent way to add privacy and shade to the exterior of your home? Awnings,…

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dinner party patio awnings

Make Your Patio Stand Out

Outdoor entertaining is the perfect way to spend the warm summer night. Lots of friends gathered around relaxing and enjoying the summer air and enjoying their time together. Having the perfect patio set-up to hold all those special occasions doesn’t…

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Outdoor Awnings

Spring Loaded and Automatic Awnings

Not Only Do They Look Great, They’re Simple to Use Outdoor awnings are a great way to provide weather protection. The Australian elements can be harsh, and awnings can protect your home from things like rain, extreme heat, and cold.…

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recovering awnings

Transforming Your Old Awnings!

Awnings were previously a staple of every Australian home, to protect from the powerful Australian sun. Whilst there was a time where they dwindled in popularity, it is safe to say, awnings are back! Awnings are becoming increasingly popular again…

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