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Winter Series: Part 6/6 Closing In An Outdoor Space With Clear PVC Blinds

It’s the coldest time of the year, winter has well and truly set in but there are so many benefits to being outside, enjoying the crisp winter air and being able to use your outdoor spaces all the year-round. There is just something about being warm, feeling the sunshine and smelling fresh air without the icy winds even being an issue. Imagine yourself sitting in your comfortable outdoor lounge, in the middle of winter, with your outdoor blinds in place, happy and toasty but outside!!

Here are some of the benefits of installing clear PVC blinds:

Creates extra space

Have you ever thought about having the perfect entertainment space in your home? Maybe you’ve thought about renovations but realised it was an expensive venture and probably not a wise move? Outdoor blinds could be the answer to this problem. When you install PVC blinds you quickly and easily create a space comfortable for any guest and usable all year round without the time and expense of a major renovation.

Temperature control

Outdoor blinds help you to control the temperature in your outdoor space. An enclosed outdoor room gives you the capability of heating the area to a more comfortable temperature, even in the heart of winter.
Outdoor Blinds

Protection from the elements

The cold winds of August and September can prevent you from having access to the outdoors so an enclosed patio or pool area means more usable space all year round. You can even be sure that in the wet season you have a place protected from the rain to entertain friends and family and not overload your indoor space.

Less debris and dust

Installing clear blinds can also help to cut down on the need to clean your outdoor living room. Less breezy spots mean less dust, leaves, grass and wet patches to clean up.

Perfect for children and pets to play

Having a place outside which is protected, enclosed and temperature-controlled can put your mind at ease when it comes to allowing your children or pets to be outside during those cold months. Both children and pets need space to run and play but also may need the protection outdoor blinds offer. Peace of mind means you can let your kids and pets play outside without worrying whether they’ll get wet and cold and need warm baths when they come back inside the house.

Winter is the perfect time to look at achieving the outdoor space you’ve needed. Next time you’re looking for a comfortable, warm, sunny spot to enjoy your hot drink, think about your outdoor spaces and what might be able to be done to create that perfect spot for you.

Give us a call at Complete Blinds and we’ll help you find your perfect outdoor blinds.

Tamar Selwood

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