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Modern contemporary living room featuring vertical blinds installed by Complete Blinds.

How Long Can I Expect Vertical Blinds To Last?

When it comes to selecting new blinds for your renovation, decoration, or construction project, several factors come into play, such as the atmosphere, light control, and functionality. If affordability is a concern, Vertical Blinds offer a fantastic option worth considering for their versatility and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will share on the lifespan of Vertical Blinds.

Vertical Blinds rose to popularity in the 1960s alongside the emergence of large glass sliding doors. Despite evolving trends in window coverings, Vertical Blinds have stood the test of time, offering an effective solution for light control and privacy. With their enduring functionality and affordability, they continue to be a practical choice for homeowners and landlords alike. Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord, you’re probably wondering what sort of life expectancy these affordable blinds are going to give you.


White vertical blinds installed in a modern and contemporary living room with subtly contrasting walls.

Here are a few things to consider:


The quality of blinds typically corresponds to their price: a $500 blind might endure for a decade, while a $250 blind could last only half as long. Although Vertical Blinds are typically cost-effective, selecting a high-quality option ensures they maintain a sleek appearance over the years.



In hot and humid climates, regular cleaning of Vertical Blinds is essential to prevent mould growth caused by moisture accumulation. Dust buildup can exacerbate this issue, weakening the blinds’ fibres and reducing their lifespan over time. In humid environments, consider opting for vinyl Vertical Blinds due to their durability and resistance to moisture.


Sunlight exposure

Curtains and blinds serve three main purposes: enhancing ambience, providing privacy, and controlling light. Opting for light-coloured fabrics can prolong the lifespan of your blinds as they reflect light and resist fading better than darker fabrics. Your choice of blind colour significantly influences its durability over time. Excessive sunlight exposure can cause the spacer chains of Vertical Blinds to become brittle and break over time. While this is inevitable, high-quality blinds are more resilient to sun damage, prolonging their lifespan.


Correct Use

Whilst you may have chosen one of the most affordable blinds, verticals still need to be loved. The mechanisms that let them open and close can be damaged if they aren’t used correctly. Though some components can be repaired or replaced, this can become costly and may eventually result in having to install a new blind. The lifespan of Vertical Blinds is durable and will help you to save more in the long run.

Most retailers offer warranties for defects in their blinds. The length of such a warranty can vary significantly between retailers. When choosing a retailer for your Vertical Blinds, make sure you understand the terms of the warranty.

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