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How To Update Window Blinds On A Budget

Refreshing a room’s window dressings is an easy and effective way to breathe new life into its ambience. By simply changing the colours and styles of the curtains or blinds, you can completely transform the look and feel of the space, giving it a refreshed and renewed appearance. This approach is particularly advantageous for those working within a limited budget, as it offers a cost-effective way to update the room without undertaking major renovations or investments.


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Here are some tips to keep you on budget:

  • Be sure to explore sales opportunities when shopping for window blinds. Discounted options, often stemming from discontinued or overstocked items, can offer the desired aesthetic while providing significant savings. Clearance blinds are another avenue worth exploring, presenting an accessible means to acquire quality blinds at a reduced cost, effectively managing your budget without compromising on style or quality.


  • Begin by assessing rooms with fewer windows to update their blinds, as this will likely be more cost-effective compared to rooms with numerous windows. Prioritize updating each room based on your budgetary constraints, allowing for gradual enhancements over time as finances permit.


  • Enhance your window treatments with a touch of DIY flair. Explore platforms like Pinterest for inventive ideas on transforming budget-friendly window blinds into luxurious-looking alternatives. With a dash of ingenuity and creativity, craft the perfect blinds that align with your vision while staying within your budgetary constraints.


Re-staining wooden shutters. Wooden Shutters Treatment and Re-staining.

DIY Ideas

  • Do you have wooden blinds? Try a new coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint can revitalize outdated blinds, instantly updating the room’s aesthetics with minimal effort. Similarly, fabric blinds can be dyed or replaced with new patterns to achieve a renewed look at a fraction of the cost. For expert advice and restoration services, trust the professionals at Complete Blinds to assist you in refreshing your window treatments.


  • Add valances or hang fabric drapes over the blinds.  This presents a swift and straightforward method to refresh your window treatments without incurring the expense of purchasing entirely new blinds. Rather than replacing the blinds themselves, it merely alters their appearance within the room, providing a cost-effective solution for updating your space.


By implementing creative strategies and following these guidelines, you can effortlessly revitalize any area within your home. Rest assured, these enhancements need not strain your finances, yet they can significantly elevate the ambience and overall appearance of the space, leaving you thoroughly satisfied with the transformative outcome.

If you’re looking to update your window blinds on a budget, be it utilising discount window blinds or any of our other tips, be sure to visit us at Complete Blinds, and let us help you create the perfect window treatments on any budget.

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