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Unusual Windows? No Problem With Duo Blinds

Does your home have one of those ‘problem windows’? One that you don’t quite know what to do with? Maybe it’s an odd size. Or perhaps it’s high on the wall. Is it needed to let light in, but you don’t want to sacrifice your privacy? In short, you need some sort of furnishing on it, but the question is, what?

Thank goodness for Duo Blinds! The perfect treatment for unusual windows!

Blinds for Unique Windows

Duo Blinds are a new and innovative addition to the already extensive roller blind range. Essentially, the concept combines two separate layers of translucent and opaque striped fabric, in the one unit. The blinds move independently of each other, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of both filtered light and total privacy, without having to install two separate blinds. Just like a traditional roller blind, both layers can be rolled up out of the way if needed. Two blinds, one window. Perfectly practical.

What makes Duo Blinds unique?Luxaflex Duo Blinds Dark

Duo blinds are a fantastic choice for situations where privacy is needed, but you don’t want to sacrifice the daylight. Bedrooms, bathrooms, street-facing windows, living areas… the list goes on, depending on the style and position of your home. They’re also great for conservatories, where it’s nice to be able to enjoy your privacy, while still making the most of natural light.

Are they easy to use?

And when it comes to complementing the interior design scheme of a room, Duo Blinds won’t disappoint. In fact, they’re guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With a simple-to-use chain operated or even motorized control system, the perfect balance of privacy and light is right there at your fingertips. Duo blinds are modern, practical and efficient. Your one-stop solution for creating that cosy ambience that both you and your home need.

The team at Complete Blinds has solutions for unusual windows. And we’re here to help. With nearly 30 years in the industry, we have the skills the expertise and the experience to transform those problem windows into ones that add style and beauty to your home. Call us today on 02 8824 7975 and discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.

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