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Tips For Maintaining Wood Shutters

Tips For Maintaining Wood Shutters To Keep Them Looking Great!

Wooden shutters inside of your home can look beautiful and be very functional if you need a way to block some of the sunlight from entering.  However, to keep them looking fantastic you should consider the following Tips For Maintaining Wood Shutters.

Tips For Maintaining Wood Shutters

The durable wood used to make Wood Shutters make them a fantastic alternative to plastic and faux wood, but still require a bit of thought in order to keep them looking great. Learning how to properly clean wood shutters will keep them looking fantastic and make sure they last a lifetime!

Steps and Tips for Maintaining Wood Shutters

  1. Examine Your Shutters Take a close look at your shutters to determine how much maintenance work is needed if your wood shutters have been hanging for a while. While some dust is generally quite easy to wipe off, some marks may require light scrubbing to remove.
  2. Eliminate Dust There are a few ways to take care of the dust that has accumulated in your wood shutters. Not only can using a dusting tool be a good idea, but you may even want to bring in a hand vacuum if you haven’t dusted in a long time. By removing the dust from your shutters, you’ll likely be able to breathe easier due to allergens that have been removed from the air.
  3. Cleaning Solutions Using a cleaning product that is safe for wood is helpful if there are any stubborn marks that need to be taken care of.  One of our Top Tips For Maintaining Wood Blinds is to be careful of how much cleaning solution and water you put on your blinds as it can stain the wood. If you must clean your wooden shutters with a solution of water, make sure you ring out the cloth well before you clean your blinds and clean them outside or with the windows open so the breeze instantly dries any excess moisture.

If you need more advice or Tips On Maintaining Wood Shutters contact us. 

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