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The Benefits Of Plantation Blinds

3 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Plantation Blinds

One of the most popular choices of shutter styles today is Plantation blinds and shutters.  But why has their popularity increased so rapidly?  Well, they’re extremely versatile, they’re much cheaper than having custom-made window coverings, and they can easily make your room more stylish, and your home more attractive when it comes time to resell.  So let’s take a look at some of the advantages that these stylish and versatile window treatments offer.

Keeping Your House Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Shutters are extremely effective insulators and are ideal for deflecting sunlight.  They can be angled precisely to control how much sunlight enters a room, and in turn, direct harmful UV rays away to protect furniture and flooring.

They also insulate your home when it’s cold outside by reducing the amount of heat that gets lost through your window glass.  When the shutters are in the closed position, they provide an extra layer of wood between the window and the inside air, preventing cold energy getting transferred through poorly insulated glass into your home.

They Look Amazing

Undoubtedly, interior shutters are attractive.  The shutters that are available from Complete Blinds have been finely coated with several layers of high-quality stain giving them a deep, translucent finish.  Most shutters are available in a variety of standard stain or paint colours, with some being available in custom colours.  Some stunning natural timber looks are available if that is your preference too.

You simply won’t find a more beautiful window treatment than plantation blinds or shutters.  They instantly transform the style of your home and you’ll love the way they look.  Plantation shutters will complement any style of décor and enact a look that blends in with every design style from traditional to contemporary.

You Won’t Believe How Easy They Are To Clean

If there is one household chore that is dreaded above all else, it would have to be cleaning blinds.  It’s incredibly time consuming and no-one ever seems to know if they’re doing it right. If you Google ‘how to clean blinds’ there are thousands of different methods that don’t really seem to offer any kind of easy solution.

Plantation blinds and shutters are not only the most stunning looking window coverings, but they are the easiest to clean as well.  First, you just need to remove all the loose dust with either a vacuum cleaner or duster.  After the dust is removed, if you notice some small stains, you can remove them with either a brush or a wet cloth.  If they still won’t come off, try a gentle cleaning product.  Finally, dry any wet areas and voila! Your Plantation blinds look brand new again.

Learn more about the benefits of window shutters here.

To discover the many benefits offered by Plantation blinds and shutters, talk to an expert today!  Give Complete Blinds a call on 02 8824 7975 or call into their showroom at 45/24-32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153. You can also contact us via our online form. We look forward to helping you.

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