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Window Solutions

Transform Your Home With Our Stylish And Practical Window Solutions

Let’s face it: window treatments can literally make or break the look of your home.

If the curtains or blinds are shabby, outdated or simply mismatched, they’re guaranteed to stand out like a sore thumb.

Thankfully, this issue is an easy one to sort: at Complete Blinds, we offer a large range of window solutions that are stylish and practical.  Window treatments can transform the appearance and functionality of your home in a jiffy!

Curbside Appeal

When we mention curbside appeal, lots of people think landscaping, gardens and new exterior paint.  And hey, those big items certainly make a difference!  But sometimes the subtle details such as mismatched window treatments can compromise the look of your home too!

By installing fresh, coordinating blinds across the street side of your home, you can take your property’s aesthetics to the next level.  Not sure where to start?  A chat with one of our consultants will put your mind at rest – we have solutions for every design style and homeowner’s budget.

Focal Point

Every room in your home needs a focus.  So, why not make the window the natural focal point? Whether your interior design style is modern, contemporary or traditional, there’s a blind to suit every space and every colour palette.
Window Solutions


There’s nothing more frustrating than clunky, hard-to-use and annoying old curtains or blinds (not to mention that they might not be up to modern safety standards). It’s time to up the practicality, safety and functionality of your home by installing blinds that are user-friendly as well as beautiful.

Budget-friendly Options

Replacing old window treatments doesn’t mean that you must spend a fortune.  We understand the cost of everyday living and that you might be counting your brass, especially if you’re renovating a rental property that you won’t be living in yourself.  At Complete Blinds we have budget-friendly options such as roller blinds are stylish, practical and kind to your wallet.
Window Solutions

Energy-Efficient Window Solutions

Energy efficiency in the home is a big deal, and at the end of the day, inefficient window treatments hurt your back pocket.  By installing efficient blinds, you can save yourself a pretty penny on your electricity bills, as well as enjoying the benefits of a comfortable temperature inside your home all year round.

External Spaces

Need an extra living or entertaining space?  External shades are a fantastic way to enhance the style and practicality of your home – achieve a comfortable, functional and super stylish outdoor area in no time!

Speak to the team at Complete Blinds about how you can transform your property with new window treatments. One of our team members can visit your property for an on-site consultation, allowing you to achieve that new look with minimum effort!  Call (02) 8824 7975.

Tamar Selwood

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