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Spring Collection - Colour and Design

Spring Collection 2019: Colour, Style, Patterns And Design!

Spring has sprung – it’s time to throw open the windows and shake off those mouldy, winter blues! And speaking of windows… let’s take a peek at our beautiful 2019 Spring Collection of window treatments!  We’ve got colours, styles, patterns and designs to breathe new life into each area of your home.

There’s nothing like new blinds or shutters to transform the look and the functionality of a living zone.  Whether it’s bedrooms, kitchen, recreation areas or outdoor living spaces. Our team at Complete Blinds has a solution to suit every taste, home style and budget!
Spring Collection - Colours, Patterns and Design

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds remain an all-time favourite because they’re practical, budget-friendly and stylish. Whether yours is a traditional-style home, a modern minimalist design or somewhere in between, roller blinds are guaranteed to blend seamlessly into your interior palette and add their own touch of elegance.

With a huge designer range of fabrics available for you to choose from, we can assure you that there is a fabric to treat every window!

Duette Shades

Preparing your home to cope with this summer’s heat?  Luxaflex Duette Shades are the most energy-efficient window covering on the Australian market!  Their honeycomb cellular design creates an extra air barrier between the window and the interior of the room, helping to reduce the transfer of heat.

Duette Shades are available in a range of textures and colours, with varying levels of opacity.

Spring Collection - Colours, Patterns and Style

Privacy Sheers

Do you ever wish that your living area or bedroom had that extra level of privacy?  Luxaflex Privacy Sheers create a visual barrier without blocking out the daylight.  They are available in a range of neutral tones, with either a textured or sheer finish.

And what about the outside of your home?  Do you just want to add a bit more style?  Or wish you had extra protection from the sun and rain?

Clear PVC Awnings

Clear PVC Awnings are the perfect way to ensure that your deck or outdoor eating area is user-friendly all year round!  They provide protection from the wind, rain and sun, making your outdoor area more practical, more inviting and more stylish.  As a bonus, clear PVC allows you and your guests to enjoy the benefits of the shelter without missing out on your lovely spring garden views!
Spring Collection - Design, Patterns and Style

Other External Awnings

Folding arm, spring-loaded, and canopy awnings are all great options for adding extra protection and luxury to your property.  Again, a range of designs and fabrics means that you can choose exactly what you want and enjoy the outdoors in comfort!

As well as maximizing the functionality of your home, external awnings are a great way to lower your running expenses – the protection they offer will go a long way towards bringing down the cost of your electricity during the summer!

For more information about our selection of window treatments, call the team at Complete Blinds today on 02 8824 7975 Our staff can help you find a solution that is perfect for your home.

Tamar Selwood

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