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Smart Blinds: What Are They and Why Are They a Popular Choice?

You may have heard of a smart home, but what about smart blinds? Smart homes have made turning lights on and off, operating appliances and playing music easier than ever. Believe it or not, you can now set your blinds to open and close on a set schedule or simply control them from the comfort of your bed or armchair!

Smart blinds can be purchased from a company or wholesaler and installed as a DIY project or by a trusted installer. You can also retro fit existing blinds to become smart blinds by purchasing a kit. The best smart blinds, however, come from a trusted supplier and installer and will work out to be the best long-term option.

Smart Blinds

Your smart blinds can be easily connected to your smart home voice-activated devices such as Alexa and Google Home. You can set them using specific phrases such as:

“I’m leaving the house”

“I’m home”

“Open” or “close”

smart blinds


Our busy lives are leading us to continually try to automate mundane household tasks. A task as simple as opening or closing your blinds may not seem important for your home but for the person who is challenged with their mobility such as an elderly person or someone who is unwell, smart blinds could very well be a game-changer.


Smart blinds can be automated to open in time for dawn and close just at the right time to block the afternoon glare. Imagine moving around your home throughout the day in perfect comfort without lifting a finger to change your environment!

smart blinds

smart blinds

Long-Distance Communication

When you have smart blinds installed you have the ability to open or close them from a distance. Let’s say you left for a holiday and left your blinds on the current automation mode. With smart blinds, you can send a message to those blinds remotely and change them to remain closed the entire time you are away.


One of the most desirable aspects of a smart blind is safety. Smart blinds no longer have unattached cords, meaning they’re a perfect fit for anyone with young children or playful pets. The convenience of voice activation or automated activation is an added bonus!

smart blinds

At Complete Blinds we take future innovation and the comfort of your home seriously. Contacts us today to find out how we can help you bring your new home or renovation into the future with Smart Blinds.

Complete Blinds

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