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Panel Glide Blinds

Selecting The Right Blinds: Panel Glide Blinds

Generally, window blinds provide shade from the bright sunlight streaming through the panes of glass as well as keep the heat out of the room. Panel glide blinds are a subset of this window treatment. With panels made of fabric, some blinds serve as sunscreens that let a little light from outside, but still prevent heat from penetrating the glass. Other blinds of this type have thick fabric panels that totally block out the sun’s rays as a way of protecting the occupants of the room from the hazards of ultraviolet light.

Choose Blinds to Control Light and Heat Streaming In

Most panel glide blinds are made of lightweight material that can slide left to right, or vice-versa at a push of a button. These systems have roller mounter carriers that allow the panels to glide from left to right, and vice-versa. When closed, the panels form a smooth wall of beautiful fabric that set the tone and mood for the room. When they open, the blinds separate into wide vertical panels. Then, the sliders at the top move them to each side of a window or gather them together on one side of a wall, forming a horizontal stack of fabric panels one on top of another. Modern systems have advanced features that allow homeowners to control the amount of light that comes through the panels. The window blinds intuitively respond to instructions coming from a remote control device. The user sets the angle the individual panels should move away from the window and the distance between them. When another button is pushed, the panels completely open wide to accommodate more ambient light coming into the room.

Choose Blinds for Interior Design and Increased Privacy

A more aesthetic reason to install panel glide blinds on your windows, however, is to add beauty to the room’s interiors. Aside from plain coloured panels, homeowners have a choice in using rolls of fabric hand-painted with images that represent different seasons or holidays. Other fabrics may feature prints inspired by artistic styles in other cultures, like Japanese or Mediterranean designs. Other than the design, the material used to make the panels also adds to the visual appeal of these blinds. Aside from streamlining the look of your interiors, panel glide blinds also function as dividers between different parts of a room. These blinds are popularly used in restaurants with function rooms and in offices where the receiving room or lobby becomes part of the conference when it needs to accommodate more people than it can normally handle for a company-wide general assembly.

If you want more privacy and better interiors in your home or workplace, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the merits and quality of panel glide blinds as window coverings in place of flimsy curtains and heavy drapes that gather dust easily.

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