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Residential Awnings- Why We Love Them

Residential Awnings are a great way to enhance the look of your home, while also protecting you and your family from rain as well as extreme sun. Well-crafted residential awnings provide a practical solution for homeowners seeking to update. They not only conceal a house’s flaws and accentuate its charms, but also provide much-needed shade – which can help cut down on air conditioning costs. Residential Awnings can protect windows, drapes, furniture, and floors from adverse weather conditions. Entrance canopies and walkway awnings add a particular elegance to a home and serve as reliable protection from the elements such as hot sun and inclement weather.

Residential Awnings

Choosing the right Residential Awnings for each of the windows, entrance way, or walkway is critical to achieving both style and function. When installing an awning, you need to consider your specific needs and the architecture of your home. The awning should also have a high-quality fabric (to withstand the effects of moisture, soil, mildew, and sun exposure), and a colour hue that blends perfectly with your home’s setting. Here are the most popular styles of residential awnings:

Traditional Residential Awnings

Traditional Residential Awnings typically feature three-sided scalloped edges with piping, as well as spring-loaded arms on the sides and a motor-driven, tape-pull or crank operator. This is one of the oldest styles of residential awnings and has been in use since the 19th century. Its continued popularity can be attributed to the fact that it’s very easy to use and provides excellent sun protection and privacy. It also gives your home a ‘period era’ finish.

Dome Residential Awnings

Dome Residential Awnings get their name from their dome-like shape that offers a soft, stylish and attention-grabbing finish. This style of residential awning offers a great option for the permanent cover of window openings and entryways with smaller widths. It adds a touch of sophistication to smarten up windows or doors below whilst still providing substantial protection against the elements. Dome Residential Awnings are fantastic for entrances to shops or front doors.

Concave Residential Awnings

Concave-styled Residential Awnings are simply open-ended slant awnings that slope inward in the centre. These awnings are available in a variety of styles such as the three-sided concaved style and tall concaved style. They provide an elegant inward curve effect and often come with nice accents to smarten up any window, entrance-way, or walkway.

Retractable Residential Awnings

Retractable Residential Awnings are one of the more recent innovations in the industry, and personally our favourite type of awning.  They are one of the most popular styles of residential awnings for patios and decks. As the name suggests, retractable awnings can be extended when protection is desired and retracted to allow sunlight. It’s operated through either a manual cranking system or an electric control system that functions at the push of a button, or can be controlled automatically by sun, rain and wind sensors. This style of awning is primarily designed to provide protection from extremely hot weather, and should not be exposed to rain, snow, or strong wind. Residential Awnings are fantastic to add rooms to your home and make your outdoor areas more usable.

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