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Needing more privacy? Try sheer blinds for added comfort.

Do you want to retain the natural light that flows through your living space but also want your home to feel private? Our sheer blinds are just the solution for you. Our super sleek, stylish sheer blinds offer you the ability to let the sunshine through your window. They also allow passers-by to admire your room interior with the vanes open or create an immediate and effective private space through easy operation of the cord or travelling wand, depending on your preference.

Control the mood and light

In addition to the ability to create privacy at the swish of a wand or cord, these sheer blinds also are highly effective in blocking out and controlling light, whether that be by day or by night. Curtains or other ranges of blinds are not effective in blocking out daylight, and so closing the curtains or shutting the blinds only provides assistance at nighttime. Our sheer blinds provide a point of difference. If you choose a room darkening fabric, this will be effective in blocking out light, no matter what the time of day. This is a great and innovative solution to traditional curtains and blinds, as we all know there are certain times in life where you need to shut out the daylight. We know that some people prefer to have a lighter feel, and so if your one of those people, we recommend choosing the translucent fabric.

Choose your style

You can also choose a fabric to suit the setup and style of your room. Our sophisticated fabric range offers a selection of neutral tones in either a sheer or textured finish that will suit every room design. Our sheer blinds have been created with you in mind, down to the addition of a seamless fabric pelmet to conceal the exclusive SOFTRAK® System. This pelmet will ensure a flawless finish to the human eye, whilst ensuring the effective running of the innovative system underneath.

These beautiful sheer blinds are made from 100% polyester which is a highly durable and elegant fabric that works incredibly well with houses that are homes. Worried about your children pulling down the blinds and decorating them with their fingers after playtime? We chose polyester with homes in mind, and so you can ensure that there is no better fabric to stand the test of time.

Custom designs for your home

Privacy SheersThe vane size of 899mm for these sheer blinds is the perfect width to suit any size of room, and one which has been carefully selected by our experts following a significant period of research. We wanted to ensure uniformity and style with our blinds which is why we have decided to have a set width for the product. Our custom designs ensure your sheer blinds will look perfect and stylish in every room of your home.

We have spent time and effort designing these innovative and sleek blinds to be perfect for every home. To order yours today, contact us.

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