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Smart privacy blinds with cord installed in a modern and simple living room.

Blinds For Privacy: Your Home Privacy Solution

Stylish blinds and shutters play a pivotal role in room aesthetics, either enhancing or detracting from its overall appeal. While selecting blinds may seem daunting, it’s often simpler than anticipated. Primarily, blinds offer privacy and a sense of security, shielding us from external views and enhancing our comfort indoors. When considering blinds for this purpose, a variety of options and choices are available.


Light and simple sheer grey roller blinds for designer living room. Designed for light, heat and privacy control. Available in various mechanisms. For sale in our Sydney showroom.

Traditional Blinds

Opting for traditional blinds ensures privacy but sacrifices natural light and the aesthetic appeal of open windows. Roller Blinds, for instance, limits natural light, leading to increased reliance on artificial lighting and higher energy costs over time.


Lightweight Luminette Privacy Sheers by Luxaflex, window furnishing for diffusing natural light indoors. Elegant design in modern living room. On display in Complete Blinds showroom.
Privacy Sheer Blinds

For those seeking privacy without sacrificing natural light, Privacy Sheer Blinds offers an excellent solution. With various styles available, these blinds provide the privacy you desire while allowing ample natural light to illuminate your home. When closed, they resemble typical blinds but feature multiple sheer areas that enable light to filter through.

Sheer Blinds, available in various styles and colours like long vertical or roller blinds, offer versatile options and aesthetics. Whether you prefer roller, Roman, or panel blinds, there’s a sheer option to suit your taste and decor needs.

When selecting sheer blinds, consider the variety of materials available, each with unique cleaning needs. You can opt for different textures to suit your preferences, with limitless styles and colours offering both privacy and natural light for your home.


Stylish and functional Glide Blinds in modern living room for relaxed and casual look. Handcrafted to cover large windows. For sale in our Sydney Showroom.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Glide Blinds offer a versatile alternative to traditional block-out blinds, ideal for larger windows and doors leading to outdoor areas. They provide enhanced privacy compared to sheer blinds while still allowing partial opening to let in natural light.

If you decide that privacy sheers might be the blinds you need for your home, our team at Complete Blinds would be happy to help. Whether you need tips on how to measure and install the perfect coverage for your window or need a team to come out and do it all for you, Complete Blinds is your go-to store. Contact us today and to get your privacy.

Complete Blinds

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