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Feeling Exposed? Need More Privacy? Try Privacy Sheer Blinds!

Good looking blinds and shutters can help pull together a room or make it fall apart. It can be hard to decide which blinds to go with, but often it is easier to decide than we think it will be. One of the biggest factors and why we use blinds at all is to give us more privacy and make us feel less exposed to those outside our homes.

When we look at blinds and the level of privacy they provide, there are many different options and choices.

Traditional Blinds

You can opt for a traditional blind that blocks others view of the interior of your home but you lose out on all the natural light and beauty that having wide open windows provides. For example roller blinds. Whilst the neighbours cannot see in, and you have ultimate privacy you no longer have the natural light flooding in. Unfortunately, this means, using more electricity to light your home which will cost you more in the long run.

Privacy sheer blinds

For those wanting the privacy without the loss of light a great option is privacy sheer blinds. Blinds have come a long way over the years and there are now many styles to choose from. Privacy sheer blinds provide you with the privacy that you want, while not impairing the natural light coming into your home. They look like any other set of blinds when they are closed, but have multiple sheer areas where the light can still shine through.

Just like other blinds and curtains though they do come in a variety of styles, as well as colours. If you prefer long, vertical blinds you can get them in the sheer blinds style. Looking for a roller blind style, you can get privacy sheer blinds in roller blind styles as well. You can also get them as roman blinds, or panel blinds.

There is also quite the selection of materials you can choose from for your sheer blinds as well. Keeping in mind that different materials have different cleaning requirements is key though when you are looking at the materials. You can go with sheer materials with different textures as well depending on what you want for your home. There really is no limit to the styles and colours that they come in which makes them an even better choice for those wanting privacy and natural light.

Panel glide blinds

These are another great alternative to the traditional block out blinds and will provide more privacy than the privacy sheer blinds. Panel glide blinds are versatile and great for spaces that have larger windows and doors to outside areas. They can also remain partially open letting in natural light, but maintain privacy where you need it most.

If you decide that privacy sheers might be the blinds you need for your home, our team at Complete Blinds would be happy to help. Whether you need tips on how to measure and install for the perfect coverage for your window or need a team to come out and do it all for you, Complete Blinds is your go to store. Come visit us today and get you your privacy.

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