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Measuring Roman Blinds

Measuring Roman Blinds is a daunting task for many people looking to purchase new blinds. However, it is relatively easy and will ensure your new blinds fit your home perfectly. When measuring Roman Blinds, ensure all measurements are to the nearest mm. Before you do anything, decide where you will fit the blind mechanism, ie the baton to which the top of the blind is attached. The mechanism can either sit inside the window recess (as long as the recess is deep enough to accommodate it, ie at least 35mm) or the mechanism can be located on the window frame itself or above the window frame. If the window is deep enough you can fit the blinds inside the window. To do this, measure this way:

Measuring Roman Blinds

Measure the inside of the recess (distance A) in three places: top, middle and bottom, giving us the narrowest width. Confirm your measurement as recess width, and we will allow a 0.5cm to 1cm gap between the edge of the blind and the wall on each side, to avoid the blind touching the wall when it is pulled up or down. If the windowsill isn’t deep enough you will need to measure the window frame to mount the blind on the outside of the window frame. To do this measure the full width of the window frame, or if the window is bordered by an architrave, take your measurements from either the inside or outside of the architrave. We recommend taking your measurements from the inside of the architrave as it results in the blinds hanging in a more streamlined manner. If there is no frame or architrave on your window, add a further 4 to 7cm either side of your measurements. When measuring the drop of a blind that is sitting on the outside of a window frame you can afford for the blind to be a bit longer than necessary. We recommend measuring from the top of where you will place the baton down the full length of the recess or the full length of the window frame. If the window is bordered by an architrave take your measurements from the inside or outside of the architrave. If there is no frame or architrave, add around 15cm to the bottom of the window and measure to there.

When measuring your windows for Roman Blinds, take each measurement at least twice to be sure it is correct. Take these measurements to your Blind factory and discuss with them whether you have measured correctly for the type of Roman Blind that you are wanting to purchase. Roman Blinds come in a large range of fabrics including crewel, silk, and synthetic fabrics. Depending on the fabric, there could be a slight difference in the measurements needed. It’s important to ensure your measuring roman blinds is accurate. Once you have chosen your new Roman Blinds, measured your windows and purchased them, they will be made to measure by your talented manufacturer. The process shouldn’t take any longer than a couple of weeks. Once your blinds have been delivered you can opt to hang them in your home yourself (a fairly simple task that your manufacturer will be able to instruct you on how to do) or, alternatively, you can opt for your manufacturer to come to your home and hang them for you. If you are renovating your home, make sure that the renovations are completed before you opt for your blinds.

This is important for a variety of different reasons:

  1. You want to choose blinds that suit the colour scheme and styling of your room
  2. Wet paint and new blinds are not a good mix
  3. Layers of paint can affect the measurement of your window when measuring for new blinds, especially if your blinds are going to be hung in a recess manner.

Allow new Roman Blinds to be the finishing touch on your new or recently renovated home. You will not be disappointed as they tie the space together with both style and functionality. For more information on measuring Roman Blinds or to take a look at our fantastic range of blinds contact us today.

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