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Measuring For Roman Blinds: Get Your Order Right!

Measuring for Roman Blinds: Get your order right!

Roman blinds provide a stylish finish to the decor of your home and are a timeless design if you like to keep up with the latest. The popular design is also relatively easy to install in your home yourself.

Measuring for Roman Blinds is important before you buy!

The most important thing to do before purchasing new roman blinds is to check your window measurements. This saves a lot of time as you will be able to make your exact order in store and have them cut to fit your home perfectly.

When measuring for roman blinds, check the measurements of the outside AND inside of your window. This is so you have more of a choice of which Roman Blinds you will buy as some will mount on the inside of the frame and others on the outside.

Measuring for Roman Blinds that will sit on the inside of the frame.

Measurements for Roman Blinds are fairly straightforward. Simply,

1. Measure the width of the INSIDE of the window frame, and

2. Measure the INSIDE drop of the frame.

Note: The width is the space from left to right where the glass sits between the frame. The drop in the same space from top to bottom.

Remember: When measuring for Roman Blinds that will sit on the inside of your window frame, don’t worry about adding space for clearance. The factory making the blinds will account for this themselves.

Measuring for blinds that will sit on the outside of the frame.

Blinds that sit on the outside of the window frame will cover the entire face of the window and be secured to the window frame. If you have no architraves, to minimize gaps, add 20mm to 75mm on all sides of the window frame. This will ensure full coverage.

For the width measurement of the frame start the tape measure on the outside of the window frame and measure all the way across to the outside of the opposite window frame.

Do the same for the drop (top to bottom) measurement and then add to according measurements to cover the architraves.

Measuring for Roman Blinds that will cover sliding patio doors.

Roman blinds can be hung either within the door frame (reveal) or on the outside of the door frame (fave) on sliding doors. Consider the depth of the door frame or the size of your door handles when choosing if you will hang your Roman Blinds as a reveal fit or a face fit.

The same as hanging Roman blinds to a window, measure the width and the drop of the frame, keeping in mind the additional millimetres you are hanging them from the outside of the frame.

Be aware, that is it is usually advised to hang two sets of Roman Blinds on door frames for versatility so you may need to take into account a couple of millimeters so that the blinds don’t jam. If you need any help in measuring up for Roman Blind feel free to contact us.

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