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Measuring For Bay Windows, It’s Really Quite Simple!

Measuring for bay windows, it’s really quite simple!

Measuring for bay windows is as easy as measuring and ordering blinds for any other window in your home. Bay windows are a sanctuary in the home, offering a place to sit, relax and enjoy the environment that surrounds you.

Choosing great blinds for your bay windows is important as they frame the space. Measuring for bay windows is simple if you break the job down into steps. Assuming the window has three window panes, you will measure three different sections. We guide you through the process below.

Measuring for bay windows in three easy steps

1.  Left

Start at the top left corner of the bay window and measure along the windowsill until you reach the right-hand side of that frame (where the left blind will meet the centre blind). Don’t deduct any measurements for space between the blinds as this will alter depending on what blinds you are purchasing. Note that measurement and then begin a new measurement from the top left-hand corner or the windowsill down to the bottom of the same side (where the length of the blind will sit). Note this measurement down and label them as ‘left frame’.

2.  Middle

When measuring for bay windows this window will usually be the largest. Still, the method you use won’t change. Start from the top left-hand side of the window pane (where you finished the last measurement) and measure from left to right along the top of the frame to the right. Repeat the same measurement as above for the length of the window (top left to bottom left.)

3. Right

Measuring for bay windows really is quite simple. The right-side window is likely to be the same size as the left window. Still, it’s wise to measure it again just in case. For this window, simply repeat the directions for the left window.

Making your order

When placing your order, order your blinds as an inside mount and make note that the blinds are for a bay window, this way the warehouse crew will know to make the necessary deductions to fit the window. The warehouse will add the necessary deductions needed when measuring for bay windows to our order. This will change depending on what blinds you decide to order. Contact us for more helpful information before you place your order.

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