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Man measuring window frame.

Measuring for bay windows, it’s really quite simple!

Bay windows create a tranquil space, providing an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoying the surrounding environment. Choosing great blinds for your bay windows is important as they frame the space.

Measuring for bay windows is a straightforward process, similar to measuring and ordering blinds for standard windows in your home. Assuming the window has three window panes, you will measure three different sections. We guide you through the process below:

Measuring For Bay Windows In 3 Easy Steps

1.  Left

Begin at the top left corner of the bay window, measuring along the windowsill to the right-hand side where the left blind meets the centre blind. Note this measurement and the length of the left side as “left frame.” Don’t deduct any measurements for space between the blinds as this will alter depending on what blinds you are purchasing.

2.  Middle

When measuring the largest window in your bay, the measurement method remains consistent. Begin at the upper left-hand corner of the window pane, continuing from your previous measurement. Measure from the left to the right along the upper frame. Repeat this same measurement procedure for the window’s length, going from the top left to the bottom left.


3. Right

Although the right-side window may match the left’s size, it’s advisable to re-measure it as a precaution. To measure this window, follow the same steps used for the left window.


Making your order

To ensure accurate measurements for your bay window blinds, place your order as an inside mount and specify that they are intended for a bay window. Our warehouse team will then incorporate the required deductions to accommodate your bay window’s unique shape. These deductions may vary depending on your chosen blinds. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional guidance before finalizing your order.

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