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Luxaflex Roller Blinds The Popular Choice

Why Luxaflex Roller Blinds Are Australia’s Most Popular Blinds

The contemporary 2016-2017 range of Luxaflex roller blinds is the most extensive collection of high-quality blinds available.  They feature a wide range of delightfully crafted fabrics in the latest stylish textures and designs in a dazzling palette of colours.  To perfectly match your home décor and your lifestyle, fabrics range from delicate sheers and refined patterns through to practical and hard-wearing materials.  Luxaflex Blinds offer stylish functionality, classic and modern designs, beautiful colours and unique decorative options for every interior.


The modern range of Luxaflex roller blinds is designed to be operated by a standard chain or the latest motorized technology. Both options are aesthetically pleasing and clever design means there is one size format to ensure a consistent look throughout your home.

The Qmotion remote control motorised blinds are the only roller blind of its kind in Australia.  Batteries are concealed in the roller tube and no electrician is required, making it both elegant and simple to use.  They can be adjusted and operated by remote control, smartphone, tablet and by hand.

The Luxaflex range of roller blinds also features the latest EDGE technology which means even the largest windows can be spanned beautifully. The EDGE technology system is compatible with the Ellipse Balance Rail meaning it has been designed with perfect weight distribution so that fabrics consistently hang perfectly flat.


Luxaflex roller blinds are available in several configurations to allow you to easily customize your blinds to match your room and suit your lifestyle.

The durable standard chain drive offers classic design and simple appeal.  This option makes practical operation a breeze with its unobtrusive style and simplicity. A larger ratio drive option is available if you decide on fitting a heavier blind. A new chain tensioner has been designed to ensure quieter operation, easy installation and to comply with Australian child safety standards.

One really neat feature is that the Luxaflex roller blinds can be purchased in wider dimensions and linked together giving you the ability to operate three blinds at one time with only one control.


The exquisite range of Luxaflex Fabrics offers a magnificent array of colours and styles and is available in a range of opacities from transparent with varying degrees of light and shade filtering, through to complete blockout.

Sunscreen fabrics allow for heat and light control while maintaining your view. They are perfect for reducing glare and heat in a room exposed to the sun. Choose optimal privacy or just transparency and beautifully filtered daylight with Luxaflex Roller Blinds.

Luxaflex roller blinds are specially treated to repel most stains. Luxaflex roller blinds will resist moisture and condensation and water stains. They will also resist oily stains from fingerprints or spills. They are also resistant to mildew and mould and protect against the spread of bacteria.

To experience the latest evolution in Luxaflex Roller Blinds, call into Complete Blinds in Bella Vista. For more information, please call us on 02 8824 7975 or email [email protected]. You can also contact us via our online form.

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