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Luminette Privacy Sheers: The Ultimate in Sophistication

Luminette Privacy Sheers For those looking to control the sunlight of any space with the touch of a button look no further than luxaflex luminette privacy sheers. With the option of filtering light in a wide array of spectrums, softening the glow, or allowing it to come in full force, Privacy Sheers have long been considered the utmost in elegance and sophistication and have changed the game when it comes to providing the ultimate in space-shading options. Find out more about Luminette Privacy Sheers here. 

Here are 3 more reasons why privacy sheers are a designers dream!

They alter how light is filtered into a room

Luminette privacy sheers are built with 180-degree rotating fabric veins, which can be adjusted to alter how light filters into a space. This means that you can have one rotational setting for a full, picturesque view through the window, and another rotational setting that will softly diffuse the light, and yet another that will filter out brightness and glare. The variability of rotation with the way the sunlight changes throughout the day makes the possibilities endless and will bring a new dimension of light to your home.

They can be completely translucent or provide complete privacy

The sheers can be set to be completely translucent, providing full visibility, or set to rotate in such a way as to provide complete privacy. You can also choose the darkness of the material the sheers are constructed from, with either translucent or room darkening material available, as well as a large variety of textures and colours, making the possibilities endless.

They can be manual or motorised

The sheers are controlled from a single wand, which allows you to open/close the sheers, and to rotate them all with a single component, making adjustment’s a breeze and keeping the style clean and chic.

The Luminette sheers are also available with a motorized system installed, allowing you to open and close the sheers with the touch of a button. Ideal for large windows in your home, Luminette sheers bring a lot to the table in regards to choices, and variability throughout the day.

If you are interested in Luminette sheers, you might also be interested in other products Luxaflex. Roller blinds, shutters, and Venetian shades are also available, all of which can be made to fit elegantly alongside Luminette sheers.

It’s clear that Luminette Privacy Sheers are the ultimate in sophistication and elegance, and give you the option of vast amounts of shading variability, as well as texture, and colour. The sheers are perfect for both shared and private indoor spaces and can be made to work well within any design context. The rotating veins allow you to adjust with the sun as it moves and create a warm and lively atmosphere, either private or with full translucence. No matter what style or colour of sheers you choose, you will be thrilled with the results!

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