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Dual Roller Blinds

Look No Further For Maximum Privacy And Modern Style!

Sometimes it’s challenging to find that perfect balance.  You want, in fact, you need window treatments that provide maximum privacy, yet you don’t want to compromise on style, right?!  In addition to these basic requirements, you also want something that

a) Won’t blow the budget,

b) Is practical and functional,

c) Maximizes natural light.

Believe it or not, there’s a product out there that’s the perfect fit for your needs!  Complete Blinds is supplying many customers like you with dual roller blinds, the ultimate box ticker all round! They’re sleek and unobtrusive, classy, and modern – just what the Dr. ordered!

Dual roller blinds offer the perfect balance of daytime shade and nighttime privacy.  With both a sheer and a block out blind fixed to special dual roller brackets, they are operated separately and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs, any time of day.

By using just the sheer blind, you can achieve perfect glare and light control, without compromising on the outside view.  As well as helping to regulate the internal temperature of your home, this has the added advantage of reducing the penetration of harmful UV rays that can damage your furniture and decor, not to mention your own skin!

When you require total privacy, simply roll down the second blind.  It’s that easy!  As well as giving you the peace of mind that you’re safe from prying eyes, block out blinds also help to keep the morning sun out of bedrooms and assist during the day with internal temperature control.

Dual Roller Blinds

And, if you want to let the sunlight flood in and warm your home, that’s possible too!  Raise the blinds and enjoy!

Do both blinds have to be the same colour?  Not at all!  Why not create a bit of a wow factor by choosing complimentary patterns or contrasting colours?  There’s a huge range of beautiful fabrics available to choose from, so go ahead and let your hair down…

Complete Blinds also offers only top quality products.  State of the art technology allows us to present you with the best of the best – Australian made blinds using the Hunter Douglass Technology for core strength and light lift.  Their unobtrusive, contemporary design is modern and chic and enhances the appearance of any space.  And they’re not only for windows either – dual roller blinds are the perfect solution for sliding or french doors because they can be rolled up out of the way when you need unrestricted access.

Contact the team at Complete Blinds today and let’s get this show on the road!  Our friendly staff is here to help you achieve perfect window treatments for every room in your home.  Your challenge = our pleasure!  Call us today on 02 8824 7975.

Complete Blinds

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