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Find the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

Find the Perfect Blinds for Your Home

We all want privacy within the comfort of our own home and blinds to provide this excellently. Not only are they cost effective and easy to maintain but they come in a wide range of materials and designs and so can instantly change the feel of a room. Choosing the right types of window coverings for your room though can be mind-boggling and several factors need to be taken into consideration from the style of the room to fabric to material. It is good to consider how much heat retention you require when selecting the material for your blinds. Ideally, we all want to keep the sunshine and heat out during the summer months but retain our central heating during the colder winter days. When choosing blinds for wet rooms the material you choose should be waterproof and easy to clean. Fortunately here at Complete Blinds, we have an array of beautiful blinds to complement every room, window and style.

Roman blinds, which gather in a soft pleat are an ideal option for bedrooms, blackout roman blinds are particularly useful for nurseries as they keep out that daylight and ensure your little one sleeps until an appropriate hour! Due to the fact that most roman blinds are made from softer materials, they are not usually a good option for kitchens or bedrooms.

Classic roller blinds are still very popular and are also available in blackout material. Their popularity is often due to the fact that they are both durable and extremely easy to operate. They function either on a motor or manually. Here at Complete Blinds, we can provide a wide range of coloured chains, including stainless steel. Depending on your chosen material these blinds can make a subtle contrast to your decor, or if you prefer brighter vivid colours and patterns the blinds can make a delightful feature of the window. Indeed the blinds can become a unique feature of your room. If you require control of the daylight in your living area, contemporary

Venetian blinds are a good option. These coverings allow you to control precisely the daylight that enters your room, and of course how much your neighbours can see in! We offer a range of Venetian blinds in various timbers and aluminium.

Vertical blinds are often chosen for sliding doors and longer windows. These are available in a vast range of materials and colours.

Extremely popular on the market at the moment are panel glide blinds, why not modernize your room with these fashionable blinds? Whether you require manual window decorations or would prefer to opt for automatic motorized blinds, we offer a top quality service that is second to none. Our professionally trained fitters will be more than happy to accommodate your requests and help you with your chosen products.

Take your time, browse our site and feel free to drop us a line for any more information or special requests. Why not have one of our top designers pay you a visit and help you find the perfect blinds for your home? As our testimonials show, you won’t be disappointed!

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