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Excellence in design with a touch of luxury

Are you looking for blinds that are impeccably designed whilst also offering the luxury and style that flows through the rest of your home? Then look no further than our luxaflex roller blinds.

Here are just some of the wonderful benefits of choosing a Luxaflex Blinds system.

Luxaflex Roller BlindsTechnology and Design

Luxaflex roller blinds are made using the highly advanced Hunter Douglas QUANTUM technology. Ensuring the perfect core strength for a swish and smooth movement in your blinds every time. The Hunter Douglas QUANTUM technology is highly innovative and unique allowing a reliable operation time and time again. Don’t worry about having to tug hard on these blinds to get them to lift. They lift effortlessly and there is little chance of them getting stuck or tangled, because of how they have been made. The technology was designed by an incredibly skilled international design team, and we have specifically selected this to match our customer requirements.

Contemporary Style and Elegance

These blinds do not sacrifice in style either. The sleek and contemporary designs ensure that the blinds remain aesthetically pleasing whilst also providing the best ‘behind the scenes’ technology available on the market. To the human eye, whilst there is a complex system of technology operating with these blinds, they remain the most beautiful and stylish blinds around. The finish is sleek and smooth and will suit every home. Our luxaflex roller blinds are simple, sophisticated and elegant and improve the appearance of any window in the home.

Fabrics and Colour Schemes to compliment your existing look

With these blinds, we offer a huge range of designer fabrics to suit the style and shape of your home. The fabrics we have specifically chosen to ensure that your décor will be complemented, whatever your colour scheme, and whatever the style of your home. Our blinds are also Australian made – so you can ensure the best possible quality from designers right here in Australia, as well as the best fabric suppliers from your home country. We’ve made sure to keep in mind the strength of the Australian sun – highly-damaging ultra-violet light, and have chosen the most durable and long-lasting fabrics to stand the test of time.

Practicality and Function

These luxaflex roller blinds provide just the right level of light, just when you need it. With the blinds down, you can be sure that the light will be sufficiently blocked out for a peaceful night sleep, but at the quick pull off the chain, you are immediately greeted with a flush of natural light beaming through the window. If you prefer a subtler light flow during the day, no problem, just bring the blind down to half way, and this will create the perfect ambience to suit your needs.

You can be sure that the luxaflex roller blinds will add an elegant and sophisticated edge to any room. The sleek and unobtrusive design means they remain minimalistic, whilst also adding to the style and comfort of your living space. These blinds suit the style of any home, and we are very proud to bring them to you today. For more information, or to order yours now, contact us at complete blinds and we will be happy to assist you.

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