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Hand in cloth, cleaning/wiping Venetian Blinds.

Dusting Venetian Blinds: Keeping On Top Of The Housework

Dusting venetian Blinds is a job no one likes to but it’s necessary to keep your house clean and your family healthy; particularly if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or Asthma. Regularly dusting your blinds is the best way to keep on top of the dust in your home. If you haven’t managed to do this you’ll need to think about doing a more rigorous clean.

Keeping on top of dusting venetian blinds

One of the most overlooked and important parts of keeping your blinds clean and dust free is by cleaning BOTH sides of your blinds. When dusting venetian blinds just dusting over them with the blinds closed one way is not enough. You need to turn the blinds the opposite way so both sides can be dusted.

Dusting venetian blinds thoroughly

Cleaning the dust in behind your venetian blinds can be difficult especially if they are hung close to the window. Here’s a quick guide on giving your venetians a thorough clean.

  1. Pull the blind out and duck behind it. With a duster-on-a-pole, dust across the flat surface from top to bottom. If the blind is wide try and dust section by section between the supporting strings.
  2. If the dust is quite thick you may have to wipe down each slat individually with a damp sponge. In a bucket of warm mix a small amount of household detergent. Wipe the solution along the slat to remove dirt and rinse thoroughly.
  3. You might need to repeat this process a few times if the dust is thick.
  4. If you try and make a habit of cleaning your venetian blinds on a monthly basis you will find that you won’t have to thoroughly clean them so regularly.

A good way to keep on top of dusting venetian blinds is to rotate the chore through the house. Thoroughly clean the blinds in one room while lightly dusting the venetian Blinds in the rest of the house. Each week thoroughly clean the next room, that way you will only have one window to do a week and each blind will be cleaned once every several weeks. If you are concerned about how your Venetian Blinds might be affected by thorough cleaning or would like some more tips on dusting Venetian Blinds please contact us.

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