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Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller Blinds for a Modern Look That Allows Maximum Light Control

When light streams in through windows, it can really light up a room and add to the atmosphere of the whole house. Suddenly, everything seems more spacious and the mood lifts. Plenty of people use curtains, but we think that curtains are actually a little overrated, not to mention difficult to keep clean. In fact, we have a range blinds in a wide range of styles, including dual roller blinds, venetian blinds and others, that can effectively replace curtains and make them seem positively last century!

The Benefits of Controlling Light

While plenty of sun streaming into a room definitely enhances the space, there are definitely times when you’ll want to control the amount of light coming in. This is where we think our blinds are a great idea. They are neat and effective without being difficult to use or displeasing to the eye. Here are some of the reasons why we think blinds are a great idea for just about any home:

Privacy: You could always pull the curtains across if you want extra privacy, but we think that blinds are much neater and take up less space in a room. They sit close to the window and can be opened and closed very easily. If you want complete privacy, just close them up!

More or less light: There are definitely times when you want more or less light to enter a room. Maybe Grandma is resting in the middle of the day and you want to close the blinds up a little so that the room is a little dimmer. Maybe it’s a lovely sunset and you really like the way the golden sunbeams fall upon the furniture at a certain time of the day. This is when you’ll want them open wide.

Temperature: Quite possibly the one benefit of blinds that most people don’t even consider is the fact that they act as great insulators. Whether it’s boiling hot outside in the Aussie summer, or in the depths of winter, a closed set of blinds can really help to maintain the temperature of a room.

Choose Duo Blinds for a Great Mix of Style and Function

Plenty of people stick to traditional venetian blinds because it’s something they’ve grown up with, but we think that our duo blinds offer really great value for money and look great. Unlike regular venetian blinds, duo blinds offer a good mix of light control that is found in venetian blinds, and a roller blind. By being able to control both the height of the blind and the angle of the vanes, it is truly possible to control how much or how little light enters a room very quickly and easily.

We may be biased here at Complete Blinds, but we’re absolutely serious when we say that the right blind can replace those musty old curtains! We only stock the most durable, long-lasting and easiest to clean blinds, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions if you’re thinking of making the switch.

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