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Winter is Coming. Yes, we know that line is taken, but we’re just stating the facts! Winter is just around the corner and the cold will be knocking on our doors, more than it already is.

Is your home ready? Do blinds help insulate the home? Will your windows really cause any significant problems when it comes to being energy efficient?

Only you can answer the first question, but we can help you out with the last two. The answer to both of these questions is an emphatic, YES!

Why does my house get so cold?

Heat loss occurs when there are gaps in the ceiling, walls, floors, window frames or products with a low R-value where the cold and warm air can mix. Warm air will flow to wherever it can find cooler air. This is why it is essential to close doors and windows when trying to heat your home. Heat will always move away from where you want it to the cooler zones it can find around it.  

Do blinds help insulate in winter?

How do blinds help insulate?

Any type of window covering helps to block heat loss through your windows. In fact, windows contribute to heat loss in your home at a rate of 10% to 20%, as found by the Queensland University of Technology. That estimate could be higher or lower depending on when your house was built, the materials used and the general overall function of those materials. So, if you believe your home could benefit from some good-quality coverings to help with insulation you have a few options.  

Insulate Your House Using Curtains


To get the best insulation possible from your curtains, choose a blackout fabric. The fabric must be of a good quality to add the highest possible insulating value to your windows. It should also be a lined fabric, if possible.


Shutters are a good option for insulation, but not the best option due to the gaps between the slats. If you like the look of shutters, they will still be a great choice to warm up a room – not only the temperature but the look of your room too!

Insulating Shutters

Using Blinds For Installation


The very best blinds for insulation are cellular shades. Also called honeycomb blinds, they work to effectively trap air between the cells to stop the cold and warm air passing between the room and the window. Roman blinds, Roller blinds, Venetian and Wood blinds will all give you some insulating properties but for the highest insulation result, cellular blinds are best.

What should I choose?

Whatever choice you make, the best option will be to go with a custom-made product. Any window covering that does not fit firmly within the window frame will compromise its insulation value. Windows need to be measured carefully and the units fitted snugly to ensure there no gaps where the air can flow freely.  

As we all move toward being more energy aware, understanding insulation and asking questions such as ‘Do blinds help insulate my windows?’ is going to create a better way to live. Our homes and families will benefit and so will your pocket.

Call us at Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975 to find out how we can help you make the very best choice for your home.

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