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Custom Made Blinds Are Great, But What About The Price Tag?

Custom made blinds are a great way to ensure an exact fit regarding the blinds in your home. Over the past few decades, homeowners have begun to make the choice to opt for made to measure blinds instead of pre-made blinds. Desiring a better fit and look for their living spaces its a no-brainer. When it comes to deciding whether custom blinds are worth it, there are three points to consider.

Quality and function

All custom-made blinds are known for being high-quality products that are constructed and made by window professionals. This gives you the perfect opportunity to have made to measure blinds constructed with high-quality materials to perfectly suit your needs and wishes. If anything does happen to break, you would also be able to directly contact your supplier to find a solution to the problem. Dealing directly with a manufacturer is always better.

While ready-made blinds may be less expensive than custom made blinds, you will find that they are often made from poorer materials and as such, a lower standard of quality can be expected. Basically, you get what you pay for and often that means you’re much more likely to get a better look and feel in your home or living area with custom blinds.

Cost efficiency and value for money between pre-made and custom blinds

Custom made blinds can be expected to be more expensive than roller blinds. However, when it comes to custom-made blinds, you know exactly who’s making them and where they are being produced. If you get them made in Australia, rest assured that these blinds will meet all Australian standards and comply with regulations such as safety, low fire risk, and quality fabric standards.

Ready-made blinds, however, can be made anywhere worldwide. Therefore, regulations on safety and quality may not be on the same par as custom blinds made here in Australia. If any breaks or damages were to occur as well, repairing and fixing those blinds would not always be possible due to the impracticality of contacting overseas manufacturers.

Professional installation or DIY (do it yourself) when setting up blinds

When purchasing custom made blinds, any form of professional installation that may be required will be included with your purchase. This means that you are guaranteed to have a professional and good-looking end product installed into your home with minimal effort. Ready-made blinds may be easy to install, but that is only true if you know exactly what you are doing. Drilling and placing brackets in without experience may leave your window sills damaged and looking worse than before. So, make sure to consider factors such as installation when deciding to buy readymade blinds.

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While both ready-made and custom blinds do have their advantages Vs. disadvantages. If you’re looking for a quality product that is professionally installed to last for a long time, spending a little more on custom binds would definitely have more benefits than pre-made.

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