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Smart privacy blinds with cord installed in a modern and simple living room.

Considerations When Choosing Your Blind Cord

When choosing blinds, it’s crucial to consider the potential hazards associated with blind cords, especially if you have small children or pets. Ensure the safety of your family by discussing cord options with a knowledgeable design consultant and exploring various mechanisms available for your new blinds.

Blind Cord Choices

When considering the placement of your blind cord, it’s essential to choose the side that facilitates easy access. Take note of the room layout and position the cord on the side where there is no furniture obstruction, ensuring a seamless and convenient operation of your blinds. This thoughtful decision enhances both functionality and accessibility in your living space.

When selecting the chain length for your blind, prioritize safety, especially with small children or pets around. Opt for a higher chain placement to keep it out of reach, although keep in mind that a shorter chain might make raising or lowering the blind slightly more effortful and time-consuming.

For safety reasons, consider installing a childproof safety device on the chains if your blind cord hangs below 1.6 meters from the ground. This precaution prevents the chain from being pulled away from the wall, minimising the risk of accidents.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use the safety device and frequently raise or lower the blind, the chain or rope won’t move away from the wall easily, making the operation a bit more time-consuming. Evaluate the practicality of each option based on your specific preferences and needs.

The other thing to consider when choosing the blind cord for your new blinds is whether you would like to opt for a plastic or metal chain. You can choose this in accordance with what you find more aesthetically pleasing or what is going to be more functional.


Our Advice

In our opinion, if you want the cord to be noticed as a feature of your new blind, opt for the metal chain. Surprisingly, the plastic rod is a better option if you are after strength. If you are concerned about safety or are just after ease, many blinds come with a remote control mechanism- eliminating the need for a blind cord at all! Note, however, that these types of blinds are significantly more expensive.

If you would like any information on our great range of blinds or more information on the blind cords that will accompany your new blinds contact us. Do also check out our range of Roller Blinds and their different benefits.

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