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Block Out Blinds

When It Comes to Security- We’ve Got You Covered!

One of the easiest ways to protect your home and belongings is by having the right window treatments. Some window treatments such as privacy sheers and shutters may provide you with some security and privacy, while others will give you complete privacy such as block out blinds. With so many varieties of blinds and shutter on the market, you also have the ability to change the level of privacy and security as needed. Whether you are looking for blinds that block out the light, the weather or your neighbour’s line of sight, there are some great options to choose from to suit your needs.

The first option we recommend for complete privacy are blockout blinds. These types of blinds do come in a few different styles depending on what you are seeking. A good choice of these would be slatted blinds such as Timber Venetian Blinds or PVC Venetian Blinds that have an area of overlap so that there are no gaps for others to see into your home. This is a great option for those who want the ability to open the slats to let in light when they want to and to block out people being able to see into your home at other times.

Another variety of block out blinds are roller blinds. These pull down off of a roller and cover the window completely. Although there are options that allow light through like sunscreen roller blinds, if you are looking for full security and privacy you are better off opting for the complete block out blinds known as Honeycomb Roller Blinds that block out heat in the summer, cold in the winter, and other peoples view of your home at all times. They are also tight fitting, to help provide a level of insulation as well as being a great choice for areas where other blinds may be too large to fit flush.

An additional method of maintaining your privacy and security would be a combination of window treatments. Combining a type of sheer curtain or blind with roller block out blind will give you the ability to maintain a fully open window when both window treatments are pulled back. Alternatively, you can opt for some privacy by having the sheer curtains closed and the roller blinds up, or if you are looking for complete privacy you can have both the curtains and the roller blind closed. This is also an excellent choice for those who want the privacy and security of the block out blinds, without losing the visual appeal that having curtains in your room can give.

No matter the type of window treatment you are seeking and the level of privacy and security you are wanting in your window treatments our team at Complete Blinds will be happy to assist you. With a wide selection of blinds, curtains, and other window treatments we can find the exact solution to fit your needs. Stop by our store and get the security you want today!

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