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Child Safe Blinds and Other Toddler Safety Tips

Child Safe Blinds are important when you still have little ones running around your home. So what are the Best Window Coverings for Child Safety?

We go through the best options of Child Safe Blinds to ensure you have no concerns with your children around the windows as well as other safety tips for your little ones.

Child Safe Blinds and Other Toddler Safety Tips

As a parent, you can simply not keep track of your child every minute of every day so the key to ensuring their safety is preparation. Ensuring areas like their playroom and bedroom are as safe as possible, especially if you have a very active toddler will mean needing to consider all the dangers in the room, including your blinds.

Of course, accidents happen. Kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. But It is up to you as a parent to make sure there aren’t any hazards around that could result in serious injury. So put plastic protectors on any sharp corners, put child safety devices on cabinet and closet doors, and make sure any harmful chemicals or objects are locked away or out of reach and, as we are concerned, ensure you have child safe blinds!

Safety Tips

Heavy Items

Secure heavy items, such as furniture and televisions, to the wall so that there is no danger of toddlers pulling them and the furniture falling on top of them.

Age Appropriate Toys

Toys have age recommendations for a reason, ensure all your toys are appropriate and check to make sure there aren’t any potential choking hazards.

Store Toys Safely

When playtime is over, store toys in a bin or toy box to help prevent tripping accidents for your little ones.

Safety Gates

Use safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs to prevent falls. Stairs are one of the most dangerous hazards for small children and need to be made as safe as possible when trying to keep stairs safe also make sure you take into consideration the next step

Climbing Hazards

Make sure furniture and other climbing hazards are kept away from stairs and windows to prevent falls and tumbles. Even if your windows have fly screens attached they will not be strong enough to keep your child inside if they lean upon it.

Child Safe Blinds

Ensure that all cords and strings, including those attached to blinds and shades, are out of your child’s reach. Better yet, opt for cordless blinds in your home. These are the best Child Safe Blinds on the market.

Cordless window coverings are the best option for environments with small children. We recommend Roller Shades as the best Child Safe Blinds for your child’s bedroom and playroom.  Other Child Safe Blinds include remote controlled blinds or continuous cords, which are anchored to the window so your child cannot play with them.

To view our range of Child Safe Blinds contact us today.

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