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Changing An Atmosphere With Panel Glide Blinds

Panel Guide BlindsIf a modern designer look is what you are seeking for your home panel glide blinds are the perfect solution.  They are extremely popular and one of the most stylish window dressings available.  Panel glide blinds provide an innovative and striking way to control privacy and light.  While they are suitable for any window, they simply look stunning when covering large windows that sit flush on the floor.  For their tremendous visual impact and impressive wow factor, panel glide blinds are the ideal choice when adding style is your main goal.

Panel glides are large blinds that are designed to retract to the side of the window or door when they are opened.  They make clever use of the frame and a track system to keep the fabric taught and to guide the blind as it’s being opened or closed.  The complete blind itself is made up of two to five fabric panels that slide behind one another when the blind is being operated.

Operation and Functionality

Aside from their impressive presence, a chief advantage of panel glides is how easy they are to operate.  To open or close the blind, you can use either a control wand, a traditional cord operated mechanism, or for the ultimate in ease of use, the whole blind can be motorized and operated at the push of a button.  As the panels are divided up into long narrow sections, by turning a simple mechanism, the panels open up vertically to let as much sunlight in as you want.  It’s easy to adjust exactly how much privacy and light is entering the room.

In the case of a panel glide blind being fitted to a sliding door, as the panels are operated they move in the same direction as the door opens ensuring they are kept neatly out of the way.  By staying flat when they retract against each other, they save space, are easy to keep clean and look absolutely fantastic.

Speak to a Blind Specialist

Although they are perfect for full-length doors and windows, panel glide blinds can are also suitable as a shade view screen panel, allowing you to let light into the room with an unobstructed view.  Another popular option is to pair them with Roman blinds.  This creates a more relaxed and informal look.  Other combinations and configurations are possible so it’s best to talk with your blind specialist before you make a decision.

Panel Glide Blinds are available in a wide range of sizes and styles; they can also be customized to your exact window or door. You can choose from several different filtering effects ranging from sheer and translucent to 100 per cent sun block-out.  Panels can be either centre or side opening with both right hand and left hand stacking options available.  As the panels can be easily replaced, panel glides are also a good option for people who like to update their home regularly.

Ready to see how panel glide blinds can enhance your living space?  Talk to the blind experts, Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975 or go directly to their website for more information.

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