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Using Cellular Blinds To Reduce Noise In Your Home

Using Cellular Blinds To Reduce Noise In Your Home

Do you ever wish that you could block out just a little bit more noise from outside? Is yours a busy street, or do you have a neighbour with a drum kit?! The typical suburban house block is small, and many homeowners live close to their neighbours, so sound-proofing our homes is a serious consideration.

Take yourself back to your high school days, and you probably remember learning that sound travels well through glass. In fact, it travels better through glass than most of the other materials used in the construction of your walls. Many homes, particularly those of a more modern design, have large windows and/or floor to ceiling glass panels through which sound is transmitted very well. By blocking out some of the noise that penetrates through the windows, you can enjoy that extra touch of comfort and privacy you and your family need.

Can Blinds Actually Help to Reduce Noise?

Thankfully, the right window treatments can make a big difference! Better still, they’re a budget-friendly way to achieve an extra level of sound-proofing!  Of course, some types of blinds are more effective than others, so to help make your choice easier, we’ve put together this list of great options:

1.    Cellular Blinds

Luxaflex cellular shades (also known as Duette Shades) are well known to be the most efficient window covering on the Australian market. Their honeycomb shape makes them an excellent thermal insulator because the air inside the shade acts as another layer of insulation. However, savings on your power bill aren’t the only benefits of these amazing window treatments: the design that makes them so effective as a temperature regulator also works brilliantly to absorb sound!

Cellular shades are available in a huge range of colours and levels of opacity. There’s a blind to bring harmony and elegance to any room and enhance any design palette. And for that extra level of luxury and convenience, opt for the motorised version. With the touch of a button, you can adjust your blinds to enjoy maximum privacy and noise reduction!

Using Cellular Blinds To Reduce Noise In Your Home

2.    Roman Blinds

This traditional window treatment is another good choice when considering noise reduction. Of course, the type and thickness of the fabric used will impact greatly on how much sound is blocked. Opt for a block-out or lined fabric for that extra level of sound absorption. Roman blinds remain an all-time favourite: intensely practical, easy to maintain and suited to most interior decorating styles.

3.    Roller Blinds

This is probably the most budget-friendly method of adding a bit more sound-proofing to your home. Roller blinds are a great choice for situations such as rental properties where the homeowner doesn’t want to spend any more than necessary. Again, choose a heavy material with block-out properties to achieve the best results possible.

The team at Complete Blinds can help you choose the best type of blind to lessen the noise inside your home.  Contact us on (02) 8824 7975 and let’s get your window treatments happening!

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