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Blinds Sydney: Be Unique

Blinds are arguably one of the most convenient methods of covering windows. They are easy to install and, most importantly, easier to clean than curtains. Their simplistic operation and fitting sizes make them the ideal choice for places like offices, where space and ambience matters a lot. You would agree that curtains on an office window simply look out of place. If you feel the same as I do, you would also agree that employing the same kind of design in your home is unique.

Complete Blinds Sydney can help you achieve this, with their range of blinds that can fit in any window. We will take a look at each, individually, and see some ideas of where you can fit them. 

Roller Blinds

Modern homes with large windows that stretch the whole length of one side of the room, like living rooms, would look good with roller blinds. The individual roller blinds that drop down to the floor from the top of the window, allows one to cover the windows as preferred. The motorized Somfy brand certainly is classy, but you can also get the manually-operated Jai Spring-Loaded Control System. It all depends on your taste and obviously, choice of operation. The choice of fabric; block-out, translucent, and sunscreen adds to the options you have.

Panel Glide Blinds

On the other hand, if your large windows are the sliding type, then equally-sliding panel guide blinds will suit them well. The most significant advantage they would have is that they will not sway when blown by strong winds, like on a door opening to a veranda. With these, you have the options of plain, sunscreen, textured and block-out fabrics.

Timber Venetian Blinds

These are ideal for formal, or casual, areas. Offices and waiting areas are such places where the ambience really matters. You need the people sitting in them to feel comfortable. The slat openings can be controlled to let in just enough light into the room. The choices of timber provided by Complete Blinds Sydney are Basswood, Phoenixwood, and Western Red Cedar. You, therefore, need to take into consideration the decor of your room, so that it matches with the colour finishes.

Roman Blinds

Not to be mistaken with roller blinds, these fold up in soft pleats that give a pelmet-like appearance when fully raised. The blind side of them though, is that they are not ideal for large windows, because of their folding-up design. They can be used over kitchen windows, and come out great. The choice of fabric and the operating option is similar to those of roller blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Probably the most common window blinds in offices are the fabric-type vertical blinds. The fabrics that run vertically down are rotated with chains and can be drawn to one side. To add a little style to the rather plain common types, Complete Blinds Sydney offers textured, coloured, and patterned options of fabric. This way, you can use them even in a home setting.

Whatever your choice may be, the only sensible thing to do would be to contact someone from Complete Blinds Sydney, on 02 8824 7975, and have expert advice on which ones suit your space. Styling is all about being bold and having people look at things from your blind side.

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