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Pirouette shades installed in a white and cozy bed room. Matching white blinds with white walls design. Blinds for bay windows.

Finding the Perfect Shutters and Blinds for Bay Windows

Bay windows can allow a wonderful amount of natural light into a room. They can easily be designed to be the focal point of the space with the right bay window blinds and shutters.
Determining how you want your blinds and shutters to look is the first step. When it comes to bay window blind solutions, will you want them to be minimal and flush with the walls, or do you prefer them to come out into the room to some degree? Your preferences here will help determine the right blinds for your room.

Window blinds installed in a room's bay window. Minimal and elegant aesthetic, blinds filtering light to let ample of natural light in. Best blinds for bay windows.

Bay windows help make a room look polished – and a well-dressed bay window can be a real design feature. While some blinds work better than others for bay windows, here at Complete Blinds we have a wide range of blinds for bay windows.

There are quite a few different types of bay windows, each with different angles and bows so it’s important to consider the different aspects of your bay windows to ensure the best possible blinds for each setting. Blinds with small depth requirements are generally the best option for bay windows. Another thing to consider is what kind of visibility you’d like to maintain.

Bay Window Blinds Tip #1: Take your measurements

The first step is figuring out what kind of bay windows you’re working with. Options include:

Canted or Angled Bay Windows

These bay windows are half hexagon shaped, featuring a flat front piece of glass with two angled sides.

Bow Windows

These windows consist of a single large curved glass sheet.


This bay window style resembles Angled Bay Windows but includes 5-7 glass pieces.

Triangular Bay Windows

These bay windows have a sharper angle, with two pieces of glass installed at 120 degrees.

Bay Window Oriel

This bay window style, often seen in gothic-style homes, is typically located above entryways or on second floors, resembling tall, narrow enclosed porches.

Bay Window Blinds Tip #2: Check the recess

Every bay window is different, so the first thing you need to do is measure all the different angles and lengths. If the recessed depth of the window is minimal, and you want the bay window blinds not to stick out into the room, you may be limited to mini-blinds or other similar types. Custom-made blinds like Duo-Blinds can fit into the tightest of spaces without having them stick out beyond the window frame. On the other hand, if you don’t mind them sticking out slightly, you may be able to get away with larger blind styles. This, of course, will depend on the required depth for installing the blinds.

If you have a fair amount of recessed space in your bay windows, you have a much broader choice of selections. Faux wood blinds, mini blinds, cellular shades, the list goes on.

Bay window blinds installed with window shutters by Complete Blinds. Best shutters and blinds for bay windows.

Bay window in French provincial kitchen installed with white window shutters by Complete Blinds Sydney.

Bay Window Blinds Tip #3: Inside or outside?

When seeking the ideal blinds, the next consideration is whether to opt for inside or outside mounting. Outside mounting provides greater flexibility in crafting the perfect window treatment, although it entails certain factors to consider carefully.

Bay Window Blinds Tip #4: How much privacy do you need?

The need for privacy varies based on the bay window’s location – whether it overlooks a bathroom, street-facing side, or backyard patio.

Some blinds will offer more privacy than others. Read more about our privacy options.

Bay windows in bedroom installed with white window shutters by Complete Blinds Sydney for privacy control.

a bedroom with a bed, a rug, and a window

Installation of Bay Window Blinds

When it comes to selecting the right bay window blinds for your home, it’s important to do your preparation well.

Measuring your window for installation.

When installing bay window blinds, it’s crucial to account for potential collisions due to the window angles. The blinds on the left and right may obstruct the centre window, creating operational challenges. To ensure seamless functionality, measure from the outside mount area to the collision points of adjacent windows. While the sizes of the left and right blinds are typically uniform, the middle blind’s measurement may differ.

What shape is your bay window?

As we discussed above, it’s important to take note of the shape of your bay window. Most bay windows are either ‘Traditional’ or ‘Separated’.

Traditional Bay Windows:

In traditional bay windows, sections are demarcated by a thin trim or casing, with potential corner touching. The proximity and angle of windows in traditional bay setups may present depth challenges.

Separated Bay Windows:

Separated bay windows feature thicker sections of wall dividing the window sections. This architectural design allows for easier measurement and dressing of the windows, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Bay Window Shutters in Playroom

Bay Window Blinds Lounge Room

Your choice of blind for bay windows should align with the window type, your aesthetic preferences, and functional requirements.

At Complete Blinds, our team is dedicated to tailoring blinds perfectly to their environment, achieving a seamless and sophisticated aesthetic.

When selecting bay window blinds, it’s essential to consider the window length to achieve full coverage. Measure each window and opt for the longest length to ensure comprehensive coverage. While uniformity is ideal, variations may occur, making precise measurements crucial for a perfect fit.

If you need assistance with selecting or installing the perfect bay window blinds, our team at Complete Blinds is here to assist you. With our expertise, we’ll guide you through the process and ensure you find the ideal blinds for your bay windows. Visit our showroom today to explore our wide range of blinds and installation services.

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