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The Differences Between Blinds and Curtains

The Differences between Blinds and Curtains

the differences between blinds and curtainsDecorating your home is an essential part of home owning, that not only improves the house appearance but also one that makes a house a home. One of the major activities carried out during home improvement is the replacement of coverings in windows. This can be achieved by using curtains or window blinds. Blinds and curtains have advantages over each other thus picking one of them can be a daunting task. However, here are some facts that prove the benefits of using blinds as opposed to curtains:

They come in a number of styles and colours

The variety offered by blinds is something worth appreciating. It is a positive attribute that curtains also possess. You are free to choose a colour, style as well as the pattern that best suits’ your needs. It is a provision that will enable you to create the look you desire in your house interior and exterior view. Additionally, there are many types of blinds to choose from. They range from roller blinds, vertical blinds to roman blinds just to name a few.

Easy control of room light

Blinds make sure that you have unlimited options of controlling your room light. This is not the case with curtains that demand shutting or opening and at times only a single curtain opens. If you have blinds, you can control the height reached by sun rays as well as the angle. These adjustments purely depend on the type of blinds you use. There is no need of shutting off all the sunlight from your room and with blinds, you can completely shut them, open or use various angles to suit your needs.

Varied materials

As you shop for your preferred blinds, you will not be limited to certain materials. You can buy those made from materials that you know well. There are others that are made from fabrics, therefore, you are free to pick a quality one. Other materials used include wood, faux wood, metal, plastic and faux metal. These products are made in different grains, colours and sheens. In addition, varying the slat width is very possible and you will get exactly what you want.

Easy maintenance

One of the most admirable features’ of a product is ease of maintaining it. Curtains have proved over time to be cumbersome to clean. Most of them require dry cleaning, ironing and hanging. This is not a cup of tea to take. It requires time and determination. On the contrary, blinds can attain their sparkling look after a simple quick wipe or dust. Those of you who purchase metal or wood blinds will be served by these interior home decors for ages.

Enhanced privacy

Blinds are flexible and can be altered according to the level of privacy you want. The same way that you control light is the similar manner you will control your house privacy. For instance, if your home has a one-way traffic outside, you place the blinds strategically against it. Installing top-down blinds will help you get enough room light as well as control peeping eyes. They will aid control the view of your house by neighbours and passers-by.


You will notice that quality curtains use a lot of fabric thus they are relatively expensive. However, fabric blinds make use of lesser fabrics compared to curtains. They are thus cheaper. In addition, faux wood blinds are a cost-effective option for you as you shop for blinds and curtains.

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