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What Are The Best Blinds For Insulation? A Buyers Guide

What Are The Best Blinds For Insulation? A Buyers Guide

In the last decade or so, home architecture has been leaning more and more towards open plan design and increased natural lighting. These things factor into a home’s energy rating. One of the ways natural light in a home is increased is by installing larger glass windows and more of them.

With the winter weather upon us, most households have fires blazing and heaters blasting out maximum heat. It doesn’t matter whether you have old bones, small children and just like to be snug indoors; fighting off the winter colds can be infinitely easier with good heating. However, the cost of heating your home can escalate significantly if your heat is escaping out those lovely big windows.

Insulating your home with good quality blinds really can assist in bringing your heating bill down. And insulation isn’t just about keeping the heat in. During summer, insulation is critical to keeping the heat out.
Blinds in Living Room

Here are some things to consider when installing blinds for insulation:

Opacity & Colour

In Australia, we have beautiful days during Spring and Autumn; fresh mornings with glorious ‘sunshiney’ days. Unfortunately, we also have sweltering summers and cold and miserable winters. When thinking of protecting against the heat and cold, it’s typical to want to lean towards a full block out blind on every window of your home. But six months of the year closed in behind block out blinds could make you feel like you’re living in a cave.

As we all know, dark colours absorb the heat and light colours reflect it. However, just because you want a block out blind to provide 100% filtering of UV rays, doesn’t mean you have to select a dark colour. Thankfully, dependent on the fabric you choose, block out blinds don’t have to be dark. You could even choose white block out blinds. This means they will reflect heat in summer, keep it in during winter and minimise the feeling of ‘living in a cave’.

Style of Blind

If you’ve done some investigation about blinds, you will know that Roman blinds can provide a classic or contemporary look in any style of home. They are simple and elegant. And the best part is Roman blinds can be made with block out fabrics.

Roller Blinds in Living RoomAnother option for a clean and sleek look on large windows is roller blinds. Over the years they have become a popular choice for both domestic and commercial situations. Just like roman blinds, these blinds can also be made with block out fabrics.

Whilst maybe not an expected choice, timber venetian blinds can also be considered as an insulating option. They can be fully closed to give a near block out effect, thus keeping heat in or out. They can be fully opened to let the light stream in or set at angles anywhere between closed and open to provide light and privacy.

The Verdict?

There really is no right answer when it comes to choosing blinds for insulation. Budget, design, aesthetics all need to be considered. For the best advice on insulating solutions for your home, call Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975.

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