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Contemporary Blinds – The Most Affordable Way to Revamp a Room

contemporary blindsHave you got a tired room that needs a facelift? Or perhaps you’ve outgrown the style that once was you, but your room has not. Maybe, you just got a new place and the style is not yours at all. How do you revamp the room without it costing you an arm and a leg? Adding in some modern or Contemporary blinds might be the solution to your decor problems.

There are many ways to do it, some of the more permanent than others, some of them will be easy to change the next time you feel your space needs to be revamped.


A simple coat of paint can be an affordable solution but can be far from easy. The room may be full of furniture, and painting just isn’t an option. You could also change the colour of your furniture, but that option isn’t always affordable either. So what is an affordable and easy solution? I’m glad you asked.

Changing your window coverings can be a great way to revamp a room without much effort and without breaking the bank. You will be surprised at how affordable window coverings are these days. A set of contemporary blinds in a fresh new colour can breathe life into an outdated room.

Change the window treatments

Contemporary blinds or any other style of window treatment can revamp a room with minimal cost. You can also alter how the windows are covered. Make the window appear larger by using larger blinds or curtains, or a different style altogether. Simple changes can make a big impression. A brightly coloured valance can also give you a little added colour to your space.

Declutter and get rid of things you don’t need

This one won’t even cost you anything and can free up your time and space. Removing things you don’t need or that are no longer of use to you is not only affordable but can help give you and your space a new look. Too much clutter can weigh us down, both in our spaces and mental health. This is a great way to help revamp a space. If your curtains or blinds are multi-layered this can also create a cluttered look. Removing a layer or two, or opting for a completely new look can help change a room in need of an update. Simply removing a valance can update the space and make it feel like a new room.

If revamping your space is on your mind and you are looking for different contemporary blinds or curtains to do the job, Complete Blinds Sydney is happy to provide you with our expertise and wide selection. At affordable prices, we can make your dream room happen. Stop by today or give us a call at 02 8824 7975 to see how we can help you.

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