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5 Ways to Maximise Sunlight in Your Home

Windows blinds and shades can be utilised in many different ways. They are great for blocking out sunlight and heat. They can also be used in other ways to help let in the sun while ensuring your privacy at the same time. Most people don’t think about window blinds and shades when they think about ways to bring sunlight into their homes, but there are many ways to do this.

1. Privacy shades

These great little window treatments are perfect for ensuring others cannot see into your home, but also allowing a lot of natural light in. Another option with shades are the ones that can be moved both up and down from the top and bottom of the shade. These are great for those who want to have the tops open to allow in the sunlight while blocking others views to your homes.

2. Awnings

Instead of opting for window treatments inside your home you can also consider awnings outside your home. This can help block out the heat from the middle of the day, while still leaving the window itself wide open to let the light in for you to enjoy and take advantage of.

3. Reflectivity films

These films are placed directly on your windows and come in a wide arrangement of types. Some will fully block out the light and view, other types will reflect the sunlight back out, other types will allow the light in while ensuring no one can see into your home.

4. Blinds

Can also be a great way to allow light in, or block it out. By changing the direction of the slats, or opening them more or less you can alter how much sunlight gets into your home. The wider open the slat, the more sunlight and vice versa.

5. Light filtering window blinds and shades

The material these are made from allows light in, even when the blinds or shades are closed. This allows optimal amounts of sunlight into the room, without having to open the blinds fully. This will also help control the temperature in your home, by helping to block out some of the heat as well.

These are just some ways and ideas to help maximise the sunlight in your home using window blinds and shades. There are many other ways to do this. For more ideas on window coverings and what will work best for your home, visit our team today at Complete Blinds and discover our extensive product lines and experience that will assist you in finding the perfect window treatments.

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