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3 Tips For Cleaning Vertical Blinds… The Secrets Are Out!

3 Tips For Cleaning Vertical Blinds… The Secrets Are Out!

Rest assured, it’s no reflection on your cleaning standards.  It just happens.  Unfortunately, vertical blinds (like all other types of blinds) need the occasional wash.  Dust, dirt, spider-webs… it happens in the most organized of homes!

Whether you’ve got spring cleaning fever or it’s just a job on the ‘to-do’ list, it’s time to get down to business cleaning those vertical blinds.  Believe me, although it mightn’t be your favourite job, it’s one that’s very rewarding.

However, before you attack them with soap and water, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions – are your blinds washable or not?

types of blinds

Read below for our top tips on restoring your blinds to their best:

  1. More often = less stress 

Regular ‘light’ cleans will prevent you having to do such regular ‘deep’ cleans of your blinds. Include a small amount of blind maintenance into your weekly/monthly cleaning schedule – it won’t take more than a few minutes, but it can save you a load of extra stress!  Vacuum the blinds using the brush attachment or dust them using a dry cloth.  Keep the window frames free of cobwebs and dust.  During the cooler months, keep the windows and window sills dry to eliminate the chance of mildew growing on the blinds.

  1. Non-washable fabrics

Non-washable doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your blinds clean.  It simply means ‘don’t immerse them in water’.  For this fabric type, follow the basic routine outlined above, performing regular cleans as part of your weekly or monthly schedule.  You might find a baby’s brush helpful when dusting your blinds – they are very fine and excellent for removing dust etc. without damaging delicate fabrics.  Clean away spots or marks using a damp cloth.

  1. Washable fabrics

There are several different methods of washing vertical blinds, so you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your fabric type.

Machine wash

Some care labels list machine washing as an option, and if you choose to go this way remember:

  • delicate fabrics may fray or snag
  • hot water cycles may shrink the blinds

For machine washing, roll the blinds up and place them in an empty pillowcase.  Wash them on the ‘woollens & delicates’ cycle, ensuring that the water does not heat above 40°C.

Hand wash

Hand washing is generally considered the safer option for most types of blinds.  For vertical blinds, remove the slats from the track.  Fill the bathtub with a few inches of lukewarm water and a touch of very mild detergent.  Immerse the slats in the water, rubbing them with your hands or a soft brush to get rid of the ingrained dirt and dust.  You may choose to let them soak a while in the tub before you rub them down.  Rinse the blinds thoroughly – it’s very important to remove all traces of soap because dust will stick to it once they dry out.


Vertical blinds must be dried flat.  Lay some towels out on the floor and, after you’ve drained as much water as you can from your blinds, lay them out in a single layer on the towels.  Hang the slats once you are satisfied that they are dry, however, do not crowd them against each other for at least an hour.

For more tips on washing your vertical blinds, call the team at Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975.


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