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Complete Blinds of Sydney offers an extraordinary array of luxury blinds. With the finest materials they offer window coverings that turn any room into one that you would be proud to showcase. “Ergonomically Designed For Greater Efficiency”, the Luxaflex line of window blinds Sydney are created with a variety of colours and fabrics to match any home décor. The elegance and beauty of any blind collection from Complete Blinds Sydney will raise the visual status of any room to which they are added. One room or every room the choice is up to you. The addition of these luxury curtains and blinds Sydney will enhance the beauty of any home.

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Roller Blinds Sydney

Traditional style roller blinds have been updated with the state of the art patented edge technology that enables the blinds to have a smooth and light operation. It also allows for coverage of larger windows areas with a single blind. Installing roller blinds helps to eliminate the patched together look of traditional blinds. Equipped with a linking mechanism, they are designed for the best coverage for bay and corner windows. With a variety of fabrics and colours to choose from, you are sure to find one that you would be proud to own. Many fabrics are treated with Duraguard that makes them stain resistant. This give the blinds a durability that will withstand the daily life of any family. With many ranges of fabric transparency there is a choice to fit any home.

Vertical Blinds Sydney

The traditional vertical blind has a new twist. The contemporary collection is available a variety of colours, pattern structures and transparencies. New and innovative choices of trims are also available to create an awe-inspiring window covering. Different materials and a variety of panel widths create a versatility of uses for these vertical blinds. These special materials allow for coverage of special window shapes, humid rooms, and extra-large windows. Perforated vanes gives more control over heat, filtering and diffusing sunlight and privacy. An eco-friendly certification validates that no harmful substances were used in the manufacturing of the vanes to ensure better air quality. Operational features include cords, wands, and a new motorization mechanism that operates at the touch of a button creating safer operations.

blinds sydney

Venetian Blinds Sydney

This ordinary design of blinds has been enhanced to new heights with Complete Blinds Sydney. We offer a variety of slat sizes and you’ll find our aluminium venetians are made of high quality materials. The materials help to make the blinds scratch and UV ray resistant. The high performance finish gives the slats an amazing thermal property making the blinds perfect for skylights and humid rooms. With innovative textures and designs these blinds have a unique feature of fabric tapes that gives this ordinary design an elegant look. The blinds are built with a unique top down/ bottom up and tilting slat operation. Constructed in two separate sections for versatile operation you are given control of daytime privacy while allowing the sunlight in. Topping off the special features are crank operations, tension style installation, and motorization for optimal child safety.

Roman Blinds Sydney

The timeless classic roman shade is now available in a modern style. Constructed with a Traditional roll-up, tiered, tailored or traverse style to meet the needs of a modern home. The new take on the traverse style makes this new shade perfect for bigger spaces and sliding doors. These blinds are available in a huge array of colours and fabrics. Featuring the beauty of woven fabrics, textured silks, and linens give this classic shade an elegant and modern appeal. Room darkening and translucent opacities only add to the versatility of this shade. Safety features of the blinds are available in a continuous loop system, motorized operation, retractable pull cords and cordless side to side functioning safe for children and pets.

blinds sydney

Panel Glide Blinds Sydney

Choosing panel glide blinds will create a stylish alternative to the common, everyday vertical blinds or curtains. Panel glide blinds are great for those areas with larger glass panels to cover and may be the perfect solution for your sliding door. This type of blind creates a relaxed informal look while making a bold statement in your home, and they come in a great range of fabrics and colours.

Duo Blinds

Duo blinds are quite a new product in the window covering service. They provide a soft modern look while also complimenting the interior of your home. Duo blinds are basically two blinds in one allowing you to adjust like a roller blind but also gives you the ability to stop vanes in various positions. The control you have over the amount of light entering a room is increased significantly with these type of blinds.

Silhouette Shadings

This type of window covering is made from 100% polyester which makes them extremely durable and very easy to clean. Without cords or tapes you’ll have nothing in the way of your view to what’s outside. Silhouette shadings come in a range of colours and textures so you are sure to find what you need to match your home. UV Protection is offerened even when you have the vanes open and with this type of blinds you reduce the need for lights due to enhancing the natural daylight.

Blinds & Shutters Sydney

Interior shutters are available in Poly Satin or Timber plantation styles. Both types are Australian manufactured. The shutter systems are designed with a patented clear view tilt bar that doesn’t block your view. Shutters close completely in both directions. A unique one touch system allows opening, closing and louvres adjustment with a single touch. On a single track, the shutters have a smooth quiet closure. Both sets of shutters come in a hinged or bi-fold style.

The beautiful and elegant designs offered by Complete Blinds Sydney are an elegant way to enhance the beauty of your home. With traditional, modern and contemporary designs the addition of the window coverings to your home will turn it into a showcase home to be admired. Invest in them today, and be part of their success story.

If you’d like any further information about any of the products provided by Complete Blinds Sydney, our qualified staff are always happy to help. Helping to create your very own perfect dream home is our priority.

Sydney Blinds Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering installing mini-blinds to a couple of the windows in your home? Before buying any blinds you need to learn the most FAQs and the answers to help you choose if this is the best type of window covering for your house’s windows.

Below you will find the questions that are the most important for you to learn the answer to.

1. How much is it going to cost you to get the blinds you need?

The truth is that there are many varying costs for blinds Sydney. It is all going to depend on the type and style of blind you choose.

Be sure before you start shopping for blinds that you know your budget so you can get what you want without doing yourself any financial damage. Blinds are one of the most affordable window coverings you can find, but only shop when you know your spending limit.

2. How easy is the maintenance of blinds? 

Every person that adds any type of window covering to their home wants them to look good for a long time. Many people also want a low maintenance covering that can easily be cleaned in a very short time.

3. Will replacing my windows affect my blinds?

In general, windows are replaced from outside which means less mess, less furniture moving and less inconvenience on the inside. There are some circumstances that require installation from inside so be sure to ask when you get a bid from your window replacement company. That way you can be prepared for any work that need to happen inside your home. You may be able to come up with a solution that does not involve you removing your Sydney blinds completely.

4. Can I change the style of my windows and blinds?

Yes! If you think a different style of window would improve the curb appeal of your home. If you do choose to change your windows, there is a chance you will need to change your blinds to match. However, there are many circumstances where changing the style of window will not affect the blinds you have installed.

5. Will the blinds provide enough privacy and insulation?

Every type of window covering you add in your home needs to provide you with good insulation to help keep the room cool or warm, depending on the time of year it is. You want to be able to open the blinds for more sunlight when needed, but the blinds need to help with insulation also to help you save a little money. These are the most frequently asked questions and the answers about mini-blinds that will help you decide if this is the right type of window covering for your home’s windows. Be sure to take time to check out your options for blinds yourself before making your final choice so you can make it with confidence and so you will know that you are getting the exact window treatments you want to add to your home.

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