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Rain pouring on awning. Waterproofing Awning For Winter.

Waterproofing Your Awning

Adding an awning enhances your outdoor space, shielding you from the elements whether you’re by the pool or on the deck, ensuring year-round enjoyment regardless of weather conditions. As the seasons shift from autumn to winter, awnings become essential for shielding outdoor spaces from rain rather than sun. It’s crucial to confirm that your awnings are waterproof beforehand to prevent any inconvenience during gatherings or family evenings. Maintaining canvas awnings, including waterproofing, is simple and requires just a couple of hours, some elbow grease, and patience to ensure they stay in top condition. In this article, we share some tips on waterproofing your awning.


How to Waterproof My Canvas Awning:

Man in blue, checking awnings from below.

Step 1. Check

Before waterproofing your awning, carefully inspect it for any holes, tears, or fabric separation from the frame, as addressing these issues is crucial for a successful waterproofing outcome. At Complete Blinds, we handle everything from re-covering your awnings to installation. Our team provides personalized service, measuring your space, delivering new covers, and completing the installation process at your convenience.



Man cleaning awnings, view from below the awning, sun shining making it able to see his silhouette through the awnings.

Step 2. Clean

The next step in waterproofing your awning is to ensure it’s clean. For new awnings, a light brush with a soft broom may suffice, while older ones may require more thorough cleaning. Begin by gently sweeping away any cobwebs and dust with a soft broom. Then, wash the awning using a mild soap and water solution, ensuring to thoroughly rinse it with clean water, preferably using a garden hose for convenience. Ensure the awning is thoroughly dried.



Woman waterproofing awnings.

Step 3. Apply

Your awning manufacturer will be able to advise you on which product/s are suitable to waterproof your awning. Apply the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  This process may take several hours or even need to be done over two days, depending on how long you need to allow between coats.



Yellow retractable awnings for small outdoor spaces.Step 4. Enjoy

After finishing this straightforward maintenance task, you can take a moment to unwind and appreciate the advantages of your awnings, regardless of the weather conditions. Whether it’s rain or shine, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind. Now you are done waterproofing your awning.



Call the team at Complete Blinds on (02) 8824 7975 for more tips on how to care for your canvas awnings.  With many years of experience and a wealth of product know-how, we are here to help you get the most out of your awnings all year round.

Tamar Selwood

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