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are awnings waterproof?

With Winter Approaching, Waterproofing Your New Awning Is A Must.

Installing an awning is a fantastic way to maximize the benefits of your outdoor entertaining area. Poolside or deck: come rain or shine, an awning allows you to enjoy the outdoors without having to suffer the elements!

However, as autumn turns into winter, many of us will be using our awnings to protect ourselves and our outdoor areas from the rain rather than the heat. At this time of year, you might find yourself asking the question ‘are awnings waterproof?’ We all know that there’s nothing like a dripping roof to spoil a party or a relaxed family evening. So we suggest you plan ahead and ensure that your awnings are watertight.

Canvas awnings require a bit of basic maintenance to keep them in prime condition, and one of these jobs is waterproofing.  It’s not a big task, nor is it hard.  It simply requires an hour or two, bit of elbow grease and some patience.

How to Waterproof my Canvas Awning

Step 1. Check

Firstly, take the time to have a good look at your awning.  Check for any holes, tears or places where the fabric may have pulled away from the framework.  These problems will need to be addressed before you start your waterproofing project, otherwise, your efforts will only be partially successful!

At Complete Blinds we re-cover awnings and more than that, we do all the hard yards for you. Our team visits your home to measure up then returns with the new awning covers and does all the installation too!

Waterproofing Your Awnings

Step 2. Clean

The second step to waterproofing your awning is to ensure that it’s clean.  If yours is a new awning, cleaning it may only require a light brush with a soft broom.  If your awning is a few years old, cleaning it may involve a little more effort.

Start by using a soft broom to brush away any cobwebs and dust.  Use a mild soap and water solution to wash the awning and rinse it completely with clean water (your garden hose will probably be the easiest option here).

Allow the awning to dry out completely.

Step 3. Apply

Your awning manufacturer will be able to advise you on which product/s are suitable to waterproof your awning. Apply the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  This process may take several hours or even need to be done over two days, depending on how long you need to allow between coats.

Step 4. Enjoy

With that simple maintenance job completed, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of your awnings, whatever the weather!

Call the team at Complete Blinds on (02) 8824 7975 for more tips on how to care for your canvas awnings.  With many years of experience and a wealth of product know-how, we are here to help you get the most out of your awnings all year round.

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