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recovering awnings

Transforming Your Old Awnings!

Awnings were previously a staple of every Australian home, to protect from the powerful Australian sun. Whilst there was a time where they dwindled in popularity, it is safe to say, awnings are back! Awnings are becoming increasingly popular again – and why not? They are an excellent way of adding to the outside living space or patio of any Australian home – providing a safe, shaded area for you and your family to enjoy.

Awnings aren’t just a safety addition to your home either. They add a feature of style and elegance to your home and help to keep your rooms cool in the summer heat. These highly versatile and useful products also help to prevent insects from entering your house, protect from wind and other weather conditions and help regulate light. With so many great benefits to awnings, who wouldn’t want them attached to their home?

Many of us have a sour taste in our mouth about awnings which stems from our childhood experiences of clunky, unstylish ones of days gone by. Times have definitely changed and modern awnings are stylish, discreet and simply add to the overall presence of your home.

Recovering, Restoring and Repairing old awningsrecovering awnings

So what better time to start recovering awnings than now? We are experts in recovering awnings, having been a speciality of ours since we started our business. It is only natural that fabric awnings will become worn by the elements over time. Usually, awnings will begin to fade, tear or pull away from the frame after being significantly exposed to the elements over a period of time. But fear not – we can often restore your awnings to as good as new, by recovering them with a fresh, new, modern fabric carefully selected by you. We have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from, in a wide range of colours to suit your needs and style.

Most of the time, we can restore your awnings without having to take your old awnings away. This is different from most companies who usually need to visit your home and take the awnings away to do the repairs off-site. With our company, all we need to do is take some measurements, choose a fabric skin with you, and we will go away and get the new skins prepared and fitted for you. If we do need to take your awnings away, we promise to do so with minimal fuss and disruption to you. With such little fuss and effort required, it really is time to do what you’ve been thinking of doing for a while and get those old awnings recovered! We work with a range of different types of awnings, from folding arm to spring-loaded to canopy and much more – we really do have everything covered!

For more information on recovering awnings click here: Recovering awnings

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