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Recovering Awnings- It’s Possible And Affordable!

Recovering Awnings- It’s Possible and Affordable!

Awnings can be a beautiful addition to your home or storefront. They provide shade from the hot afternoon sun and can create a cozy atmosphere. Eventually, though, the fabric or canvas of the awning reaches the end of its life and needs to be recovered, replaced or repaired. Choosing to recover or repair your awning can save substantially over the cost of a brand-new awning and can give you another 5-10 years of enjoyment at the fraction of the cost. This also helps to keep the framework of the awning out of the landfill!

Things to consider when recovering an old awning

Residential awnings are typically made of fabric or canvas and come in a wide variety of colours, textures, and weaves. You can find the perfect fabric to contrast your home or compliment it depending on your personal style and taste.

Colour and style

When deciding to recover your residential awning, one of the first things to decide is what material you are wanting to do it in. Canvas has been used previously as the most popular choice, but now more people opt for the many different types and choices of woven acrylic. Some types of woven acrylic can even be coated in a vinyl to ensure a longer life than canvas used to provide, as well as better colour retention with a similar appearance. Different materials can also come in different coatings based on the environmental factors that it needs to withstand.


Just like material choices, there is also a wide variety of texture choices. Some prefer to go with more open threaded types that allow more of the breeze in and let out more of the heat, while others prefer ones that maintain the heat and block out the wind. The preference, in the end, is completely up to you and what you are seeking your awning to do.


Budget can also play a role in the decision-making process. There are plenty of DIY types of recovering fabrics for residential awnings, and then there are others that are best left to professional installers.


Another consideration is the warranty on the fabric. Some fabrics may be cheaper initially, but don’t carry any sort of warranty, whereas other types may cost a little more upfront but come with anywhere from 5-10 year warranties, ensuring if something happens in that window of time you don’t have to pay out of pocket again for your awning to be recovered. This is an important thing to factor into the overall cost comparison of different products.

Of course, with the more budget friendly options, you can purchase multiple fabrics and change out colours and breathability based on the current season and weather type for your area. This can be the perfect middle ground for those who like to change things up regularly.

If you are looking for a new residential awning, or the fabrics to recover your awning, our team at Complete Blinds has everything you need. Whether you are looking to take the DIY route, or have it professionally recovered we have the services and budget you are looking for. Stop by our showroom today and see how we can help you recover your awning on a budget.

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