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Yellow retractable awnings for small outdoor spaces.

Ask The Experts: Which Patio Awnings Are Best For Small Spaces?

As the splendid Australian winter bids adieu, anticipation brews for the forthcoming summer days adorned with balmy warmth, crystalline skies, and the fragrant essence of burgeoning life. Yet, amidst this allure, let us not overlook the prospect of scorching days, emblematic of our sun’s fervent embrace, prompting a timely reminder of its intensity.

Do you have a charming yet compact outdoor area in your garden that you wish to enjoy throughout the summer? If so, you might be seeking protection from the elements to fully relish your space. Alternatively, perhaps you require vertical awnings for added privacy and sun shielding on your existing patio. Are you wondering, “Which patio awnings are ideal for small spaces?” We’ve got the solutions you need. We’ve got several. Let us guide you to the perfect patio awnings for your outdoor oasis. In this article, we will uncover a few patio awnings for small spaces.


Outside view of a mid-century style home featuring Luxaflex Awnings with black and white stripes design covering a large window pane, providing shade.

Canopy Awnings

Consider a canopy awning if you seek a fixed option for your outdoor space. Prioritize selecting easily maintainable materials, especially for hard-to-reach areas, ensuring longevity and convenience. Canopy awnings, available in various shapes and styles, offer versatile solutions for windows, doors, and walkways alike.



Retractable awning installed at patio.

Retractable Awnings

These awnings are ideal for compact areas since they don’t require support poles underneath, allowing unrestricted movement beneath them. They come with both manual and mechanized systems but beware of automated ones with limited options. Opting for manual control allows for more customization, especially in specific situations where adjusting the awning size is necessary.



Black folding arm awnings installed at patio.

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding arm awnings share a close resemblance in design and functionality with retractable awnings, making them ideal for small spaces. Their compact construction allows for seamless folding, ensuring minimal intrusion into the space when not in use, and maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive appearance.



Traditional home design with windows installed with Straight Drop Awnings by Luxaflex.

Straight-Drop Awnings

For outdoor areas requiring enhanced privacy and protection beyond mere horizontal coverage, straight-drop awnings offer an ideal solution. Whether it’s a patio lacking privacy due to a permanent cover, or a desire to shield against sun, wind, and rain, these awnings provide the necessary shelter while ensuring a secluded outdoor retreat. Easy to install and operate, they are tailored for shading verandas, balconies, or pergolas with effortless efficiency.



Straight Drop Awnings for Small Spaces


















Spring Loaded Awnings

These awnings do a similar job to the Straight drop awnings previously mentioned. They are fully adjustable and come in a range of colours and styles to suit any home.



As summer approaches, it’s essential to prepare your outdoor spaces with adequate shading solutions to combat the intense heat and UV exposure. Contacting Complete Blinds allows you to explore a range of awning options tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your outdoor areas remain comfortable and protected throughout the season. Whether it’s for privacy, sun protection, or enhancing the aesthetics of your space, their expertise can guide you in selecting the perfect awning solution to withstand the demands of the Aussie summer.

Tamar Selwood

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