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Outdoor Awnings Blinds

Irrespective of how much a homeowner enjoys the summer, one thing a home should have if the sun becomes unbearable is good outdoor blinds. Choosing the best fabric for outdoor awnings blinds can be quite a daunting task, since there are so many styles, colours and options to choose from. Just like any other purchase, the homeowner should do some research and buy the fabric that best suits his or her needs. Below are tips on choosing fabrics for outdoor awnings blinds.

Choosing Outdoor Awnings Blinds

Choosing Outdoor Awnings Blinds

It is advisable to put into consideration the home’s location and surroundings. Bold stripes and bright tones are ideal for coastal and city locations since they provide the area with a nice pop. On the other hand, neutral stripes and earthy tones are recommended for countryside or forest locations and landscape areas. This is because they blend excellently while complimenting the natural surroundings.

A homeowner should decide what the main purpose of his or her outdoor awnings blinds is. They can be for weather control, sun protection or just for privacy. Dark coloured fabrics minimize glare while lighter colours minimize heat absorption while reflecting more sunlight. Open weave fabrics make clearer views possible, while closer weaved fabrics offer more protection and privacy. Clear PVC provides excellent premium weather protection and excellent visibility, although it has a tendency of shrinking over time and fading. Mesh fabrics can be an ideal option since they provide visibility and also offer significant from rain and wind. The weave’s thickness will determine how much water and wind can penetrate.

The chosen blinds can also be influenced by the homeowner’s internal spaces. This means choosing fabric patterns and colours that compliment the home’s furnishings and internal spaces. This will provide the new outdoor area with a consistency and a beautiful sense of flow.

Some of the most popular fabrics for awning blinds include acrylic, sunscreen fabric and canvas. The ideal awning fabrics are made for outdoor use and may have a warranty of more than five years on the fabric alone. Fabrics with traditional stripes are ideal for traditional home or cottage styles. Awnings made from the sunscreen fabrics allows the homeowner to see out of the window while blocking about 90% of the heat and sun glare even before it reaches the window.

There is an upcoming trend involving a modern outdoor awning look, with the most popular colours being heritage green, charcoal, primrose and cream. All in all, there are more than fifty colours to choose from in either a sunscreen fabric or a waterproof acrylic fabric. A notable thing about awnings blinds is their ability to freshen up the windows’ looks. A homeowner may have old awnings that are still in a perfect working condition, but the fabric is mouldy or outdated. An affordable and convenient way of giving such awnings a new lease of life would be re-skinning or recovering them.

Outdoor awnings blinds offer excellent protection against harsh summer sunlight. They also allow the homeowner to enjoy outside entertainment areas for longer periods of the year. They are the ideal option when it comes to minimizing the heat from getting into a home.

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