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Maintaining Your Awnings And Increasing Their Lifespan

An awning is always a great way to provide a little style, colour and form of protection for any space. While providing shade and style is great, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you’re going to be getting the best and longest lifetime out of your awnings. Not to mention avoiding any expensive awning repairs. Whether they’re motorised or attached to a window there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that they’re in perfect condition year-round and always looking great.

Never leave your awnings open

A common mistake made by many owners is that they sometimes leave any external awnings out in the open when not being used for shade. By making sure to close your awnings when not in use, any unneeded damage on the awning will be avoided and that’s going to make it last a little longer.

Use mild cleaning agents for your awnings

Dust and mildew can all damage your awnings as well, so it’s important to make sure you always clean it a couple of times a month. You can purchase relatively cheap cleaning agents at the nearest store and it should be perfect for polishing up your awnings and extending their lifetime.

Maintaining Your AwningsImmediately tend to any breaks or damages

Accidents are bound to happen and if your awning ever does become damaged, it’s very important to get it fixed up straight away. Any tears or damage to an awning can worsen over time if not dealt with immediately. Make sure to contact the team at Complete Blinds on 02 8824 7975 for a quote on awning repairs to get yours fixed and going as soon as possible.

Prevent wind and water damage

If at any point a large storm does sweep through, it is essential to make sure the awning is closed and protected from the elements. Outside debris, hail, rain and dirt can all lead to the damage and degradation of awnings if not properly protected and covered. Long extended periods in the sun can also lead to extensive damage so always try to minimise the time an awning must be outside in the elements.

Ensure the awning is in good condition when storing

Another common mistake made by many people is the incorrect storage of their awnings. It is vital to ensure that an awning is properly dry and does not have any debris on it before it is stored. Water, dirt, and other pieces of debris can all break down and damage an awning in storage. Also, when storing make sure the awning is in a cool dry place away from any potential sources of damage.

There you have it, by following these easy steps you’re guaranteed to extend the lifetime of your awnings. With proper care,  your awnings will always be in perfect condition and ready for use. Cleaning and vigilance in avoiding unnecessary damage are all important factors to consider for avoiding any unwanted awning repairs. However, if any damage does ever occur – it is essential to make sure the problem is fixed before progressing onto any further damage.

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